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    On this website https://wifitrailcamera.com I am using a plugin called ExtendAzon.

    I followed the creator´s recommendations about using Weaver Xtreme (actually when he created the course it was Weaver II, but he has updates in the course about Weaver Xtreme).

    I´ve reached out to the plugin developer about the concern mentioned on this post, but I have not received an answer.

    The purpose of the plugin is to extend Amazon´s cookie from 24 hours to 90 days by turning the links into shipping carts.

    As you can see on my site under the Brands section, I cover 5 different products. If you go into each of them (let´s say Covert), you´ll find Amazon ads.

    The ad contains a clickable title, a clickable image and a clickable action button. When they are clicked, you´ll be redirected to an Amazon page.

    By default the ExtendAzon plugin looks for all amazon affiliate links on the website and convert them into shopping carts.

    The plugin creator provides his recommendations about turning all links or some links into shopping carts or no shopping carts. Here is the video that explains it (I just put it for reference, but really and truly the next video below is much more important) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRnTrzIXimQ&feature=youtu.be

    The reason I mention about the recommendations is because from a consumer experience, it is odd or funny for them to click on the title on my add and have this click be turned into a shopping cart. In other words, the visitor is not expecting this to happen.  Likewise, the visitor is not expecting that if they click on the image in my add, it will turn that click into a shopping cart.

    Nevertheless, the expected behavior is to have the visitor click on the action button (BUY NOW) and have that click either send them to Amazon, or to a shopping cart, which is the objective of the plugin.

    In order to accomplish this I must specify a Class or an ID within the settings of the plugin. Here is the video that explains this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bzxoPC5a0k&t=1154s

    In order to understand what I am saying, you need to watch at least the first ten minutes of the last link I just placed above.

    The reason I have brought this concern to this forum is because apparently the Weaver Xtreme theme only has ONE or the same class for an IMAGE and for a BUY NOW button (class name exaz-add-cart-link) which leaves me with no option to exclude anything in order to only convert the BUY NOW links/buttons into shopping carts.

    In my opinion, this is quite complex, but I´ve seen that the technical staff here on Weaver Xtreme is knowledgeable and I have the hopes I can get this issue resolved.


    On a separate issue, I was not able to get a side bar working using this theme either.

    I placed a text widget in the bottom and top widget area and it worked perfectly well. I placed the same text widget in the side bar and it does not appear.


    Any help will be appreciated



    1- What I guess I understand, is that the plugin uses a specific specified class to either include or exclude a link from being connected to a buy or shoping cart.

    If you want to control which elements are going to inherit the behavior, you will need to add the class yourself to the element you create. Using one of the default classes generated of the theme could only be suitable, if you wanted ALL the elements with that class to inherit the behavior. If that is the case, once we understand which theme element you are targeting, we can help figure out what is the class that is most appropriate.

    To Add your own class to your content, first decide on a class name like myclass1

    Then add that class to whichever content HTML you want to inherit the behavior.

    For example if you insert a link in your content, the HTML will look something like

    <a href="linkUrl" class="myclass1"> The link text or image </a>

    If you are trying to get an element generated by the theme to have the behavior, be specific about which one that is , with a link to the page containing it.

    2- As far as Sidebars, you can set the sidebar configuration of any page in two different places.

    The global setting by page type is in Main options > Sidebar & Layout.

    That setting can be overridden in any specific page by using the Sidebar Layout for this page drop down list found in any Page editing page.

    If you have set a specific age to have a sidebar, and if it is not showing the Sidebar widget areas, give us a link to the page in question




    I answered, then I try editing my answer and I can no longer see it.

    I logged out and came back it. My profile says there are 3 answers to this post, but I only see two: the original one, and your first reply



    I am surprised about the speed and quality of answers received on this forum. Thank you 

    I´ve checked the box below: “Set as Private Reply readable only by you, the topic author, and Moderators.” because I don´t know what is the policy here about what I am going to request in the last lines of my reply.

    Firstly, I got the sidebar issue figured out thanks to your answer.

    Secondly, I feel you interpreted pretty well the issue I have using the ExtendAzon plugin.

    I did what you suggested before creating this post. This is what I did:  I used a real affiliate link from my own site and just added a class and ID, something like this:

    <!– This is the text that is displayed –>

    Inside the plugin, whenever I enable or disable certain option in the settings and click the “This is the text that is displayed” link, it either redirects it directly to Amazon, or converts into a shopping cart.

    The question is: how to do the same for the “elements” I want to target, being those elements the BUY NOW or any ACTION buttons?

    The reason I say this is because I am using another plugin to generate the adds. So that other plugin already has everything in place and I just have to fill in the blanks. For example, the Amazon ID for the product, the tittle, description, add style, etc.  Once I am done inserting all content into the fields for the add, then I create the add, and just call it from the page I want.  The way I call it is using a button for this second plugin that appears on each page or post. I simply hit the button and it displays the ads I have created, and I chose which one. Then a text is generated, something like this:

    [amzps id=”19″] 

    Where amzps is sort of the name for that plugin and 19 or X is the number of the Add.

    So when you said above: “If you insert a link in your content” … I am really inserting that type of code.

    With that said, I still don´t know how to resolve this issue.

    I feel this is something more complex in the sense that I don´t know what other data or information to provide, and on the other side, you cannot see exactly how the plugins works on the site.  The answer might take an extra step (I don´t know).

    Would it require a remote login to teach me exactly what to do? Would this option cost me something?

    I am willing to drop a payment to get this issue resolved Scrambler…


    Thank you







    The part i wanted to edit is the html text where i put my class and my id…

    I don´t know how to write it without it converting to an html link…

    Maybe removing the greater than simbol….

    I´m trying again

    a id=”MyID” class=”MyClass” href =”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DUZ5K7E?ie=UTF8&tag=trailcam0f-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B01DUZ5K7E”>This is the text that is displayed</a



    No need for Private message. I don’t do work for hire, so that would be something to find elsewhere.

    If the content that needs a specific class is not generated by you, but by a shortcode from another plugin, then there are two options.

    • Does the plugin have the ability to add a specific class to its generated elements. You need to ask the plugin developer that question.
    • May be the content generated by the shortcode already has some classes that could be used. To help finding out, we would need the link to a page containing the content, with specifics about what content exactly you are trying to target.

    To post HTML on this forum without having it interpreted, you select the HTML, and select the paragraph style “preformatted” for it in the tool bar drop down list.

    I don’t quite understand your last post above, please elaborate.




    From this link https://wifitrailcamera.com/covert-wireless-camera/ I would like to converert all the BUY NOW buttons into shopping carts using the plugin.

    By opening the link with Mozilla Firefox, you can right click on anu BUY NOW button and then select INSPECT ELEMENT.

    I have not generated any class.

    Everything is either in the plugin or the theme.

    I would need to check with the developer for the pluigin if a class can be added



    All these buttons appear to have a common class


    So you can try adding that class as the trigger for the plugin




    You are right, Scrambler


    I was aware of that only common class named (exaz-add-cart-link). I had made mention to that name in the very first post.

    I´ve tried adding it as class and as ID, and using the settings within the plugin, but it just keeps turning all the links to shopping carts.

    It turns the title links from the ads into shopping carts.

    It turns the image links inside the ads into shopping carts.

    And ultimately it turns the BUY NOW or any action button inside the add into a shopping cart.

    I want the visitor to be able to click on the tittle link inside the add and get them redirected to Amazon.

    I want the visitor to be able to click on the image link inside the add and get them redirected to Amazon.

    But I want the visitor to be able to click on the BUY NOW button inside the add and get that click converted or turned into a shopping cart, which will extend Amazon cookie from 24 hours to 90 days, but ….. that´s the part that is not working as the developer explained.

    Indeed they are being converted into a shopping cart, but not all should be converted, only some.

    I have created a new ticket on on the support system of the plugin developer regarding the other question you had asked  (Does the plugin have the ability to add a specific class to its generated elements) but I have not yet received answers.

    Based on your experience, and since I did not create the plugin: Can this behavior be corrected or I´m just wasting my time?



    Have you checked if the title links and image links also have the class, if not sure can you give a link to a page with specific of where to look.

    If they really have the class, you will need to speak to developer of each plugin for a solution.

    The plugin developer of the shortcode may be have an option to add a class.

    The plugin developer of the shopping cart may have a workaround.

    In any case, give us a link to page(s) with Title link and Image links so we can see if the class is there, and if it is, if there are others that would allow to find some workaround. Be specific of where to look in these pages



    Using Mozilla Firefox Browser, and right clicking on an ad, I go to inspect element and I find other clases like amzps-price-header2-4 and amzps-price-header2-8 when I hover over the title, but they don´t begin with <a class

    So in other words, the only class I really find is <b>exaz-add-cart-link </b>but maybe you can find something else.

    Here are the pages or links with specifics where to look. They are all using the same plugin to create ads







    I am not getting any kind of answer from the plugin developer

    Don´t know what else can be done…but I appreciate all your answers so far



    You are giving me pages, but you are not telling what exact element in these pages you are trying to target. So please be specific…

    Regarding your remark: ” I find other clases like amzps-price-header2-4 and amzps-price-header2-8 when I hover over the title, but they don´t begin with <a class”

    <a> is NOT a class, it is an HTML tag, more specifically a link tag.

    Classes are what is behind class=”….

    So you need to clarify if your plugin can target only links, or any object with a specific class. Because if it can only target links, and the content you are trying to target are not links, then there is nothing you can do, short of being able to change the actual content itself.




    Trying to be as specific as possible:

    Let´s just focus on this link: <b>https://wifitrailcamera.com/covert-wireless-camera/</b&gt;

    From there, the element I am trying to target is the first add 2016 AT&T Covert Code Black 12 MP

    There are elements on that add that when clicked, they´ll redirect the user either to an Amazon live page, or to a shopping cart on my website.  Right now all clicks will turn into shopping carts.

    These elements are: the tittle, the image inside the add, the text below the image (AT&T Code Black) and the Buy Now! button.

    The specific element I am interested in converting into a shopping cart is the Buy Now! button only, nothing else.

    I don´t want that clicks on the tittle, the image inside the add and the text below the image will be converted into shopping carts.

    You had mentioned about the title links and the image links. That is where I replied about the other two clases: amzps-price-header2-4 and amzps-price-header2-8.

    When you asked about the title links and image links I had hopes I could find different classes for those, but I am not sure if amzps-price-header2-4 and amzps-price-header2-8 are the same type of elements or classes, or HTML element, or whatsoever the correct name is like exaz-add-cart-link which we had already identify.

    I had mentioned to right click on the add on a Firefox Browser and select the inspect element button to see all these classes and ID´s.

    If by using the same method or another method, you can find another class other than <b>exaz-add-cart-link</b> for the title in the add, the image in the add, and the text below the image in the add, then in theory we could use that or those other classes and try to exclude/include them in the settings of the plugin in order to give place to what I want: The only thing I want is that clicks on the BUY NOW! button will be converted into shopping carts.

    Regarding to the following remark you made:

    <b>So you need to clarify if your plugin can target only links, or any object with a specific class</b>. Because if it can only target links, and the content you are trying to target are not links, then there is nothing you can do, short of being able to change the actual content itself.

    I really have no way to answer that. It goes above my knowledge. I really don´t know what to answer.

    Once again, thanks for the answers so far





    Those clicks are coming from dynamically coded JavaScript in the links. That must be being added by your plugin.

    As far as I know, there is no way to simply add CSS classes to change that behavior. You could possible add CSS to hide those elements, but then you lose information. It might be possible to add some highly custom JavaScript to the header to override the plugins inline JavaScript, but that is not likely.

    The code in question look like:

    <div class="amzps-adbox-4 amzps-border-roundad-4" onMouseOver="this.className += ' ' + 
    'amzps-hover-4';" onMouseOut="this.className = this.className.replace('amzps-hover-4', '');">
    <div class="amzps-tab-4"><div class="amzps-price-header2-4">
    <div class="amzps-h1b-4 amzps-border-midtop-4">
    <a href="https://wifitrailcamera.com/cart/?do=add_to_cart&asin=some-random-id" 
    rel="nofollow" class="exaz-add-cart-link">2016 AT&T Covert Code Black 12MP</a>
    <img src="http://www.some-amazon-address.com/e/ir?t=trailcam0f-20&l=as2&o=1&a=someIdvalue" 
    width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /></div>

    And that is unlikely to be changed by simple new classes. It is the onMouseOut and onMouseOut that makes the whole thing work.

    So, the only way this will get solved for you is by working with the plugin authors. I just don’t see how the behavior can be changed any other way.



    Ok, makes sense now 🙂

    I agree with weaver, but to be 100% sure there is no workaround, we would need you to remove the plugin settings that adds the linkage to the cart, so we could see what the HTML of the Ad looks before it is touched by the plugin.

    So if possible, just deactivate the plugin and post back so we can look at the Ad HTML when untouched





    You can now go to https://wifitrailcamera.com/covert-wireless-camera

    All clicks on the first add (and any other add) will not convert into a shopping cart; rather, they will be redirected to Amazon.

    The plugin is still active tough, but the specific setting that turns clicks into shopping carts is disable


    Thank you

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