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    Hi guys,

    New here to the forum and wondered if you have time to give me some feedback on our website at http://www.dorchestercommunitychurch.org.uk/ 
    Many thanks for your time, keep up the good work everyone! 😉

    One small detail, you use a gradient on the menu bar, but some of your submenu items have a text that is too long and extends on two lines, causing the gradient to not match the items.

    You can fix that a few different ways.

    1. Change the sub menu item text to make it shorter
    2. or increase the sub menu items lengh by adding the rule below in Advanced Options > Head Section > Custom CSS rule box
      .menu_bar ul ul a {width:190px;}
    3. Or use a real gradient that will adapat to the item height, using the gradient option in weaver II pro, by defining a CSS gradient using Main Options > General Appearance > Background Gradient boxes


    Thanks scrambler, much appreciate the feedback. Nice to get a fresh pair of eyes on the job!

    Kind Regards…
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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