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    So I have a client with a website that runs Woocommerce and some other things. I want to change the theme out to Weaver and so I set up a test site and have been making modifications there starting from scratch. Now I want to merge the two things, and I headed down the Child Theme path but I’m unsure what I am doing. I created the folder and put the files from the child-demo folder in there and modified the style.css file per the notes. I get that that file will be read first, before the standard one so does that also mean any customizations I make now will be in the child file? Or, as I suspect, the functions.php will write them in both? Ugh, I did look for documentation on this!

    My question seems to be…what steps would you take to get this to work with the least amount of hassle? Can I somehow take the modifications I’ve made on the test site and import them into their existing site without having to do it all by hand?

    Am I nuts to think this should be less work than redoing it all by hand?

    http://www.milkmanmilk.com is the existing live site, running the Retailer theme and some stupid Builder that was driving me nuts and why I started over.

    http://www.bethtest.com is the from scratch version of the site where I now have the look they want in place.

    And yes, I have a third location where I can merge the two things if that’s possible.

    As always, TIA. – Beth


    Also, the Bakery Page Builder that’s installed on the old site, any clue whether I can just shut the damn thing off? I may just end up doing this all by hand after all….ugh.


    Child themes can include styling in the child style.css file which gets loaded in addition to the standard Weaver Xtreme style file (which is NOT the theme style.css file.)

    But the only real reason to build a child is to modify PHP.

    Note that there are recent additions to Weaver Xtreme that help support Woocommerce better – especially for sidebar layout which now use the Archive-like options for sidebars.

    A few more Woo additions are planned for Weaver Xtreme Version 5.

    But the whole interaction with Woo generated pages now seems to “make sense” with the latest Weaver Xtreme.

    So, you may not need much really needed for a child theme.


    The explanation of style.css, child/style.css and assets/css/style-weaverx.css are included in the source files.


    Since I’ve been using WP I’ve never bothered to create a child theme and never understood why not so thanks for explaining it clearly.

    And now this stupid builder is causing all kinds of havoc so I think I’ll just do it by hand and recreate the site from scratch. Better to do the grunt work than bother with some sort of merge, I guess.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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