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    For the carousel option on the Show Sliders plugin, is there a way to specify different minimum and maximum numbers based on whether it is viewed on desktops or mobile? It looks good on a desktop but then the images get really tiny on mobile. Would like to do something like 8 on desktop but only one on mobile so the size looks similar. https://radiantwebsitedesign.com/clients/skokiechamber/





    Answer to you question is no, but normally the minimum and maximum are there to solve your issue.

    The maximum defines the max number on large screen when there is space, the minimum allows the slider to reduce that number on mobile. The width also helps make that work, but admittedly, it is a bit tricky to tune up.

    Set the minimum to what would work on mobile and maximum to what would work on large screen, then play with the width to see if you can make it do what you want.

    If you cant get what you want, you can create two different slider, then insert both inside [show_if] shortcode to display the proper one on each device.

    [show_if device=desktop] desktop slider[/show_if]

    [show_if device=mobile] mobile slider[/show_if]





    Thanks, Scrambler. The show_if option works nicely.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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