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    I have a problem with the homepage slider ….see this link!


    I had one that was working and I changed the slug and meta title and description as it was coming up in search engines as ‘my-homepage-slider’ etc. But, though I’ve gone in and tweaked everything I can think of, it still won’t show.

    Can anyone put their finger on what I have not done but should have done?!

    Many thanks for your time 🙂



    Changing the slug (of exactly what, I can’t tell from your post) of a post isn’t a great idea if other parts might be using the slug.

    It looks like the slider setttings you originally set up relied on some specific post slugs, and you’ve changed it, so it is lost. You may have to either rebuild the slider you built, or change the slugs back to the original.

    I would investingate why the search engine is picking up that slug instead of some name, perhaps overriding using Yoast SEO.



    Thank you – I’ve taken your advice and made a new slider post.  At least something is showing now but instead of sliding through the 4 images, it is showing them all in one bar and so they are tiny – and of course nothing is sliding.  I’ve been through the tutorial several times, that you have for making these sliders but cannot find what I am doing wrong yet


    PS:  I’m using the Weaver Show Slider widget



    I think I’ve just about fixed it 🙂

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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