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    Hello there


    This might seem a little weard, but I just can’t find where you change the actual words of the title (the headlines) in the top as well as bottom field. Do I have to change inside the html, or is there somewhere I can change it..?

    Thanks for your time




    If you meant the Site Title and tagline, these are WordPress settings in the Dashboard > Settings > General

    If not, you may want to be more specific and give us a link to your site.




    I don’t mean the site title/tagline, you could say that I mean the post title/tagline. Just as you can easily change the site title/tagline, I want to change the title/tagline of when you create a post page. When you do that (create a post and put in the menu as a link to a page), the top part as well as the bottom part (which contains the field where people can write their comments) has a default title. In my case (since I’m from Denmark) it states; (in the top part) “Kommentarer” (comments in english), and just above the writing area it states; “Skriv et svar” (in english “Respond here”) …

    Hope this made it a bit clearer. I can’t send a link to the site, since I only have a static maintence page there now.

    I’m actually not all green in making websites, but very new in doing it in WP, and need a brain twink to get in gear I think 😉

    Hope this is sufficient




    The post title and page titles are at the top of the post editing page.

    When you create a new post this is the first thing you enter at the top of the page, same when you create a page.

    Now the word Comment which is at the top of the comment section, and the Word Post comment at the bottom of the comment section, have no easy way to be changed, but you could use the translation file to do that. If you do no know how to change the translation file, @weaver will have to comment.




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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