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    Dam I missed that one…

    , I asked you to create a test PAGE based on the default template to test the header replacement, NOT a POST (what you did) 🙂

    As to your “blog” page, it is also NOT a BLOG page, it is a PAGE based on the default template and therefore wont show posts.
    As weaver already mentioned, the reason there is no header on that page is because you checked the “Hide standard header image” in the Xtreme Option for this PAGE > Visibility TAB.

    So you need to make sure you understand the difference between a Post and a page, as well as a page for content, and a Page using the page with posts template, which is what you would want to create a blog page that will show posts.

    If you go back to the page you named Blog, uncheck the “Hide standard Header Image” in the Visibility TAB, Add a Featured Image, and check the “Header image replacement” for the Featured Image in the Layout TAB, that page should shows the different header image.

    But if you later want that page to show posts, you will need to change its template from Default to “page with posts”

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    Ya’ll have me so confused I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I gave admin privileges to one of you & hope that my blog page can be fixed quickly with minimum work!

    I have both a “Blog” page & a couple of Blog “posts”. None of them show up with my FI as the header!


    You need to make an effort to follow the instructions we give you to the letter….

    I will try again, please read carefully and execute each step, and make a screen shot after completing each and post them here.

    1. Go to the page editing page of the page you call your Blog Page. NOT your posts.
    2. At the top of the column in the section called Page attribute > Template drop down list, select the template called “page with posts”
    3. Click UPDATE !
    4. At the bottom of the right column of that page, in the featured image box, select the feature image you want if not already done.
    5. In the Xtreme option for this page > Visibility TAB, Uncheck everything  and especially the box called “Hide standard header image”
    6. In the Xtreme Options for this page > Layout TAB > Featured Image section > In the box next to “How to display page FI on this page”, select “header Image replacement”
    7. In the second box below that, the one next to Featured image link, make sure there is nothing.
    8. Click UPDATE AGAIN!

    View the page and post a link to it here


    @scrambler I followed your instructions from 1 through 8 exactly how you wrote them to me! I do not think that you need to see my screenshots because my blog now shows the correct header! You can see it at https://lowcarbandketomeals.com/blog/


    Now how do I get rid of the extra space below my headers? I have the settings all set to 0 but there is a lot of “yellow” space below both of my headers & I do not know where the setting is to change it.


    Is there a way to get the links on my “Blog” page to open in new tabs?


    Glad we finally sorted this one out 🙂

    1- The space below the header image is because you have added content in the Header HTML box.

    Customizing > Added Content (HTML Areas…) > Site Header Area > Header HTML Content

    Explain what you were trying to achieve by doing that, as this is not the place for that meta tag.

    2- Regarding posts to open in a separate tab, there is no easy way to do that as far as I know as this is done by WordPress.

    You could probably do that with a child theme and changing PHP files, but that is not trivial. May be @weaver will know more about a way to make posts from a blog page open in a new tab when clicking on them. You can also search  WordPress.org, there may be some plugins to do that.


    When you create a link in the editor, there is an option to open in a new page there. This is really a very basic WordPress question, and not related to the theme.

    Since we’ve figured out the issue with the header image, and it is not a theme issue, I will not need the admin account.

    We are here to provide help for theme issue, and to answer specific questions. Some of the questions you’ve asked have been discussed in the guide: https://guide.weavertheme.com. And some of theme are your misunderstanding of some basic WordPress capabilities. While we do our best to help, we really aren’t here to provide hand holding for getting up to speed with WordPress.


    @weaver @patti, I understood you wanted the single post page of a post to open in a new tab when you click on the post title, my answer was for that.

    If what you meant is that you wanted links placed in the content of your posts  to open in a new tab, then Weaver answer applies.
    This is a basic feature inside the content editor that you can select when you create the content.


    I apologize if ya’ll feel like I am wanting/needing you to “hand holding” me. I could not find the answer to my questions in The Guide. Which is why I started this thread on your forum.

    I do not want all of my posts to be on my blog. Only “Blog” posts. Most of the content on my site is recipes. I post them using the same method as I post blog posts. Just with different categories. However I do not know how to separate my recipe posts from my blog posts. So that just my “Blog” posts show up on my “Blog” page? Any suggestions?

    I already deleted you as a user on my site.

    I really appreciate the help both of you have given to me!


    @scrambler: I deleted the Header HTML Content. It’s my website’s keywords / key phrases. Since you are telling me that they don’t go there then where do they go? I already searched through The Guide & it does not say where they go.

    Never mind. I figured it out myself! Sorry to have taken up any of your time.


    We only thought that the header problem was fixed. It is not fixed! I just posted a blog post here: https://lowcarbandketomeals.com/what-is-the-keto-diet/

    Please note that the header is not the “Blog” header. It is the main header. Am I supposed to add the featured image to each & every blog post that I do? Is that how this is going to be from here on out, in order for my blog header to show up, when I post a blog post? I just tried to change the settings on that blog post (link above) & the “Header Replacement Image” didn’t work. Now what? I am sure that ya’ll are getting just as tired of me, as I am of trying to make this all work out, like I want it to look.

    Am I the only one who is having this problem? I find that hard to believe.


    1- The meta tag could go in Xtreme Admin > Advanced Options > Head Section

    2- In your blog page editing page, you have a lot of options to decide which posts you want to display and how you want to display them.
    Go in the Xtreme options for this page > Page with posts TAB, and there you will find things like filters to only select certain posts by categories or tag or more (what you asked for), but also how to display them. If you have given the category “blog” to all the posts you want there, you can just add that category in the category filter box, and the page will only show the posts with the “blog” category

    I suggest you explore all the options that are available in that tab and others, read the help when you are not sure, and try them out to see what they do.

    3- Header image. there is nothing to “fix” you just need to understand how things work, and be more precise in what you are trying to achieve 🙂

    There are various settings for a header image.

    The first one in Customize > Header sets the header image globally for everything.

    Then on each PAGE editing page, you can select a featured image and set that as the header image replacement for that page (what you did for the page called Blog.

    Then in each POST editing page you can also chose a different Header image for the SINGLE Post page (the page that opens when you click on a specific post. In the “Post Shingle Page Option” TAB > Single Page View: Featured Image > Box next to: Override Single Page setting for where to display FI. There in the drop down list you can choose for the post featured image to replace the header image on the Single post page view. Of course you must have selected a featured image for the post!

    There are of course various ways you can decide to use these options. 

    You can set the global Header Image as the one for all the pages except Blog page and Posts single pages, then choose a different header image for the Blog page and Each Post single page.

    Or if ALL the posts and the blog page will have the same header image, you could set the Global Header Image as the one you want for the Blog page and the posts single pages, then choose a different one in each of the other pages.




    As far as I can remember, there is no specific option for replacing the header on the single view page globally. Only with the alternative header for each individual post.

    It would be possible to use the Page with Posts template to specify an alternate header image for your Blog list page, but again, not for the Single View page.



    @scrambler I really appreciate the list you provided me! I was able to check a lot of things off of my list by following your list!

    The only thing that still is not working is changing the header on my blog posts. I have tried all of the things that both you and @weaver have suggested and none of them have worked. The correct header shows up on my blog page: https://lowcarbandketomeals.com/blog/

    But it does not show up on my blog posts: https://lowcarbandketomeals.com/what-is-the-keto-diet/. Even though I have set most of the same settings that I have on my blog page. I think I am done trying to make it work. It is too frustrating! I will just leave it alone and call it done.

    Thanks again for all of the help ya’ll have provided me with!

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