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    Website: https://lowcarbandketomeals.com/

    I want a different header image on my blog than what’s on the rest of my site. I have tried to use the “header image replacement” and it’s not working. Any suggestions as to what else I can try?

    I’ve searched the online guide and the support forum. Neither one answers my question and/or works for my site.


    Have you tried to create your blog page using the Page with Posts page template? That should allow per page header replacement image.


    Make sure you blog page is not using the Worpdress default blog page as that would disable the theme features.

    In Settings > Reading, set Homepage as “a static page”, and in posts page make sure nothing is selected (showing -select-)

    Then create your blog page using a page based on the “page with posts” template, and set a featured image for the page, and use the Featured image setting to replace the header image


    I must be missing something because I cannot find where to set up the page based on the “page with posts” template. I already added my new header as a featured image for my blog. But it still shows the main header. I have read the documentation on the “page with posts” and it doesn’t really answer my questions or change my header on my blog.

    I also changed the settings so that nothing was selected in the Posts page.

    Any further suggestions?


    Once settings > Reading settings are correct, How did you create the blog page.

    The way to do it is to create a page

    Select the “page with posts” in template and publish the page.

    Set all the posts settings to choose what posts to show and how top shoow them.

    Select a featured image in the page featured image  box (bottom right of the editing page

    Then in XTreme Settings for this Page > Layout TAB > Featured Image > How to display page FI on this page > Select Header image replacement

    Then save settings

    If it still does not replace the header by the featured image on that page, give us a link to the page



    I have a page with posts and I have a blog. They’re two separate pages. The posts page is where I’ll be adding all of my recipes. My blog is supposed to be where I blog. Maybe I didn’t set them up correctly when I first set them up? Especially since I can’t seem to get the blog header image to show up!

    The posts are organized by category: https://lowcarbandketomeals.com/category/breakfast/

    My blog can be found here: https://lowcarbandketomeals.com/blog/

    Do I need to set up a new blog page and do it differently? Because I did exactly what you said to do @scrambler & my blog header image still doesn’t show up!


    Your blog page is just a regular page and is empty.

    How are you going to create the blog articles?

    Normally blog page articles are posts, and therefore a blog page is created as a page with posts, and just uses the filters to only display the articles that are for the blog (using categories for example).

    That being said, the reason you are not succeeding to change your header image is because you are not using one.

    You have created the header using the Site CUstom Logo as a replacement for the site title and that is not a header image.

    You need to get rid of the custom logo as a title replacement, and actually set a real header image. Once that is done, then the header image replacement will work.


    I did everything you told me to do and it still isn’t changing out the regular header for the blog header. Now what?


    You must not have understood what I said, or you have a cache that is still showing the same.

    The header at the top of your site is still the site logo replacing the Site title and NOT a header image

    The Header image needs to be set in Appearance > Header

    The Site logo needs to be removed in Customizing ▸ General Options & Admin > Site Identity

    The Site Title needs to be hidden in Customizing ▸ Visibility > Header Area > Hide Site Title.

    If you have done that, then clear all your caches to see the results



    I followed your instructions to the T and now my header is completely gone! I cleared my caches before logging in here just to be sure it wasn’t a problem on my end. Do you see a header on my site now?

    This is exactly what happened before and it’s why I set the header logo up in the Customizing > Site Identity.

    What now?


    The header is gone because you removed the site identity as I said.

    The problem is the header image is not there.

    Go to Appearance > Header, delete all selected header images there and publish, then reselect a new one and publish and see if it shows up?

    If it does not, go check if you did not hide the header or header image globally by mistake in Customizing ▸ Visibility > Header Area.

    Check none are hidden in there.

    Last check Customizing ▸ Images > Header Image Layout > Header image rendering and make sure it is set to “as Img in header”


    Thanks @scrambler! I got the header image to show up again. But the blog header image still isn’t showing up. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to make it show up? I’m getting frustrated here!


    OK, one step at a time 🙂

    In your blog page editing page:

    Do you see a featured image selected in the featured image box at the bottom of the right column of the page editing page

    In Xtreme Options for this page > Layout > Featured Image section > How to display Page FI on this page, have you selected Header image replacement.

    And the box below “Featured image link” should be empty



    Yes I see the featured image box & that’s where I added my featured image. Yes I’ve selected Header image replacement. I am not seeing a box below the “Featured image link” so I don’t know what you’re talking about. But after I edited the Header image replacement now my blog disappeared! It’s giving me a 404 page error! What a mess! Don’t think I’ve ever had any issues like this before! What do you suggest I do next?


    It means you don’t have a page called blog defined any more. Could be a bad link. Could be an issue with the Home Page settings. Could just need a refresh of the Permalinks.

    It seems that maybe your home page is really your blog. You may have had a placeholder page called blog that you’ve deleted. But the link https://lowcarbandketomeals.com/blog/ is not valid any more. But the site is still there. Be sure the Dashboard : Settings : Reading : Your home page is set properly.



    Go to settings > permalinks and re-save them then test again.

    If not working still. There is clearly something going on with your config or page.

    If you go to the dashboard > pages, is the blog page in that list?

    If it is and you open the page editing page, what is the permalink mentioned at the top (URL of the page)

    Regardless of all that, do the following test:

    1. Create a new page called “Test” based on the Default template, then add a featured image to that page, and set the featured image as the header replacement, save and see if the header replacement works on that page.
    2. If it does, go back to the “Test” page editing page, and set the template to “page with posts” and publish. See if the page now shows all posts and still has the header image replacement.
    3. If it does I suggest to adjust the setting of the page to display your blog posts as you wish, rename the page and make it your new blog page (delete the old one if it still exist)
Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 59 total)
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