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    I am having difficulty centering and aligning my 3 widgets in the Footer Widget area. I have tried using the Flex Columns and had no success so I have reverted back to 3 induvidual widgets, but I cannot get them to center in the area and I can’t get them to be centered within their widget.

    Thank you in advance for the assistance.





    Your widgets are centered, what is not centered is the content within each widget.

    Right now the content of the middle widget is centered.

    But the content of the left widget and the right widget are left aligned, causing the problem when they do not occupy the full widget width.

    There are two way to “center content” symmetrically, and you need to decide which one you are after.

    You could center the content of the first and last widget within their widget, that will make everything centered width some space on the left and the right of the widget area.

    Or you could keep the content of the left widget left align, but align the content of the right widget right. This will also give a global centered look, but wil no space on the left and right, instead more space between the side widgets and the middle one.

    Let us know which one and we can provide the CSS to do that





    Note, I believe you used Custom Widget Width values to create the 3 columns, instead of using the simple 3 columns option, and used

    desktop: 33,33,33;

    That will create a 32% wide first widget, then 1% space, then 32% wide second widget, 1% space and a 33% widget, which is not precisely centered.

    The widget Layout article below explain how to get perfect equally sized and centered widget


    basically use:

    Desktop: 33.66, 33.66, 32.66;

    That will give you 32.66% – 1% – 32.66% – 1%  – 32.66%



    Thank you Scrambler. I used the ratio you provided:  Desktop: <b>33.66, 33.66, 32.66;</b>

    But, the widgets still aren’t centered in the area, they are aligned to the left…  I do not understand how, because I have the entire Footer Area set to align: center.



    Please read ALL my answer.

    My first answer above addressed the core issue. You need to answer the question I raise in that post to finalize the solution

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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