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    Hope you’re well.

    I love the Weaver Theme.

    I’m trying to customize the look of the category pages, for a membership site.

    Using several plugins, I have managed to:

    – Remove excerpts.

    – Show featured images next to post titles.

    I’m still trying to:

    – Hide the “Category Archives:” text from the category title.

    – Change the font attributes of the post titles that appear in the category archive. Right now, they have a big font and they are bold. They look exactly the same as the category title, while I’d like the category title to be more “imposing” than them.

    I have already bought the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin.

    Is there a simple way to do what I suggest?

    Thanks in advance!




    Hi George,

    Add this to Custom CSS rules (Main Options – Fonts & Custom)




    Thanks, Eric – that did the trick for removing the “Category Archives:” text!

    To make the category archive title stand out, I have changed its color for now. If there’s an option to change how the post titles look in the archive pages, that would be great. If it ain’t possible, that’s no biggie.

    Thanks again!




    I figured out how to change the post title appearance in archive pages. The same way I’d change them in the post itself – DUH!

    Main Options ==> Post Specifics ==> Post Titles.

    This thread can close.

    Thanks for the awesome theme and all the help!




    Just as a note , you should not need plugins to do what you want.

    Pages created with the “page with posts” template have many options to decide how to display posts, and Main options > Post Specifics > Featured image has many choices for how to display the featured image.

    Always explore the theme many capabilities before resorting to plugins



    You are correct, scrambler.

    I took a closer look and deleted at least two unnecessary plugins. 🙂



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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