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    At some point (I think earlier this year), I discovered that I could no longer set the slider content to Show Slider as Posts.

    Doing that simply stops the display of the page. The last source HTML generated is:

    <div class</span>=”atwk-slide“><div class</span>=”slide-content slide-post“>

    If I set the slider content to Show Slider as Images, the slider works, but the links that I have attached to the images in the posts are missing, so the functionality that used to be there isn’t. I set up the slider on the home page to attract people to other pages, so losing those links is a problem.

    Here’s a page with a slider set to display the slides as images: https://camelotaz.org/

    And here’s a page with a duplicate of that slider, but set to display as posts: https://camelotaz.org/test-slider/

    I just updated to WP 5.5, but that didn’t help the problem.

    I’m running a child theme of Weaver XTreme Plus, v 4.3.8

    Weaver Xtreme Support 4.0.5

    Weaver Show Sliders 1.4.10

    Weaver Show Posts 1.5

    Edited to add: I disabled all plugins except for the Weaver ones, and that didn’t fix the problem.

    I switched to the Main theme, not my child theme, and that DID fix the problem, so now my question has morphed to: what in my child theme is likely to be causing this problem?



    If I go to https://camelotaz.org/test-slider/

    I can see the slider, so I assume this is without the child theme

    I have no problem with my test sliders using display as posts

    You need to explain what you are doing in the child theme, eventually test removing pieces from it to find the culprit. Also when the child theme is loaded, check your browser developer tools console to see if there are errors.

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    It turned out that I had – for reasons unknown – a copy of /templates/content.php and /templates/content-page.php in my child theme. I can’t see any site-specific customization that I would have made, so my guess is that I had copies in there with the intent of modifying them, but then didn’t.

    The differences between the copies I had and the current versions have to do with

    echo weaverx_schema( ‘post’) <– in content.php

    echo weaverx_schema( ‘mainEntityOfPage’) <– in content-page.php

    The current versions have that code; my copies don’t.

    Replacing my copy of content.php with the current version fixed the problem, so I’m just going to remove those 2 files from my child theme and try to remember not to do that again in the future…



    Please see my response below – I was unable to re-edit my original post, so by the time you saw it, I had already found and fixed the problem.

    Clearly, a PBKaC error…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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