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    Forgive me, I’m new to wordpress and still do not understand English well, but I have to solve the problem therefore I dare to ask.
    I chose this template because I have the ability to make the main page static, and publish posts on another static page, but I can not find such a function. The idea is to select a page template, but I do not see it when creating a new post. Help, please understand this question.
    (sorry for my English )



    It is called the Page with Posts template. When you create a page, there is a box to select the page template. After you select that template and save the page, you will get many new Per Page options for that page that let you select filters and other special options related to showing the posts you want.



    Sorry, I’m dumb. I’m looking for these page attributes in the records, and they need to be looked up on the pages. Understood, thank you.



    In the right hand side of your page, under Page Attributes, you will see “Template” with a drop down menu. From the menu select Page with Posts. After selecting you must either Publish or Save Draft.

    Then scroll down and see all the settings available for Page with Post template.




    If you create post pages using a page based on the “page with posts” template, make sure that WordPress is not setup to use the default WordPress blog page.

    In Settings > Reading , Front page should be set to static, and NOTHING should be selected in the “Post Page” Drop down list (showing –select–)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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