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    After a hiatus for a number of months I returned to the development of a web site. I am using the Desktop Server local host. I updated to WordPress 5.0.3 and updated all my plugins. My website mainly comprises static pages, rather than blog posts. I have a top page “Travel” under which I have pages for various states and countries. So far, my level 2 pages are:
    1. Arizona
    2. California
    3. Colorado

    I am trying to add 4. Deleware, but it simply will not show up! I am not getting an error message. Could I be running out of allocated memory? I do have a fairly large gallery photo library that currently has 924 MB (969,142,832 bytes). Here is a dump of my configuration. I see a WP memory limit of 40M and local and server memory limits of 512M. If there is a problem here, how can I increase those limits? My ultimate design intends to reach a photo gallery size of around 2 TB. Is this beyond the capability of WordPress?

    ### Weaver System Info ###

    — WordPress Configuration —

    Site URL: http://leblanchome.dev.cc
    Home URL: http://leblanchome.dev.cc
    Multisite: No
    Version: 5.0.3
    Language: en_US
    WP_DEBUG: Enabled
    WP Memory Limit: 40M
    Permalink: /%postname%/
    Show On Front: page
    Page On Front: About Us (ID# 16)
    Page For Posts: BLOG (ID# 44)
    Current Theme: Weaver Xtreme (4.2.2)
    Post Types: post, page, attachment, revision, nav_menu_item, custom_css, customize_changeset, oembed_cache, user_request, wp_block, envira

    — Weaver Xtreme Configuration —

    Weaver Xtreme Version: 4.2.2
    Theme Support Version: 4.0.3

    — Server Configuration —

    Operating System: Windows NT
    PHP Version: 7.1.13
    MySQL Version: 5.6.24
    jQuery Version: 1.12.4
    Server Software: Apache/2.4.29 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2n PHP/7.1.13

    — PHP Configuration —

    Local Memory Limit: 512M
    Server Memory Limit: 512M
    Post Max Size: 512M
    Upload Max Filesize: 512M
    Time Limit: 600
    Max Input Vars: 5000
    Display Errors: On (1)

    — WordPress Active Plugins —

    Advanced Sidebar Menu: 7.4.5
    Advanced Sidebar Menu Pro: 3.4.7
    Akismet Anti-Spam: 4.1
    Envira Gallery:
    Envira Gallery – EXIF Addon: 1.4.3
    Envira Gallery – Fullscreen Addon: 1.2.1
    Envira Gallery – Gallery Themes Addon: 1.4.4
    Envira Gallery – Slideshow Addon: 1.3.3
    Envira Gallery – Videos Addon: 1.5.1
    PDF Embedder Premium: 3.1.6
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore:
    Weaver Show Posts: 1.3.16
    Weaver Xtreme Theme Support: 4.0.3
    Widget Shortcode: 0.3.3
    WP Edit: 4.0.4

    — WordPress Inactive Plugins —

    ### End System Info ###


    I assume you mean the page is not showing up in the menu.

    If so, and assuming again the menu has been created with WordPress Custom menu as it should, have you been in Appearance Menu and added the page to your menu items?

    Note: the link to your site is invalid http://leblanchome.dev.cc



    Yes, it does not show up in the menu. It is in the Appearance Menu but things seem jammed up. I misspelled Delaware, and I can’t edit it.

    Apparently I can’t provide a screen shot image here… 🙁

    I suspect my WP has hit some kind of limit on my system. I’m not sure what to do except rip it out and start over 🙁


    Try deleting the custom menu and recreating it

    Also try deactivating ALL non weaver plugins


    It is very unlikely that you’ve hit any system resource limit. You probably just need to redefine your custom menu and be sure it is associated with the Weaver Xtreme menu you are using (probably the Primary Menu).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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