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    Would it be inappropriate to ask one of the moderators or users to:

    Recommend a coder/Freelancer – or take on the task to convert a simple site from Weaver 2 to Weaver Extreme?

    Or maybe

    Take on the task to convert a simple site from weaver 2 to Weaver Extreme?

    Are such questions allowed on this forum – or is that too commercial??

    We would expect to pay them commercial coding rates –  rather than switch themes and start again?






    It is perfectly fine to ask.



    Coder no longer needed – Time constraints needed an immediate solution

    Some code for the beauty of creating and the ability to paint masterpieces…full of color and originality…so they choose Weaver 2 pro and Weaver Extreme

    I do this because I need to provide a painted warehouse – to distribute data quickly and effectively – when not working another 60 hour a week job…

    Black and white and very square is fine …the user came for the content via a search engine….not my imaginative creativity

    So the Genesis Framework solved all my issues and simplified my life….

    Been an interesting – very educational nine years…..

    Thank you all…

    Richard Scholtz



    Does seem like an odd solution to me.

    If the exact layout wasn’t that critical, then you could have just as easily used Weaver Xtreme as Genesis, and started with one of the simple subthemes provided with Weaver Xtreme. Seems there would be a longer learning curve to switch to something like Genesis (which has been around along time and is especially helpful for designers who like to write a lot of CSS and custom code PHP).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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