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    <h5>Wordpress 4.8.1</h5>
    <h5>Weaver Xtreme Theme Support 3.1.8</h5>
    <h5>Weaver Xtreme 3.1.9</h5>

    I would like to stretch the blue bar to he right, and the content and video more to the center.

    By going to the layout I was able to get some changes, but never got the blue bar to occupy the whole top of the page, neither to get the content centered and stretch more.

    Here is that link: http://fbtargetedtraffic.com/video-training/

    Also, on this other link I basically want the same: for it to be centered without narrowing in the content or making the page longer

    Here is that link: http://fbtargetedtraffic.com/get-fresh-leads-weekly/

    In both cases I am using a plugin to get the squeeze page and the video page created


    Thank you




    You have set your pages to have a right sidebar which by default is 25%, so your content ends up being 75% and left aligned.

    Go to Main options > Sidebar % Layout, and set the sidebar configuration to no sidebar.

    Also make sure that you have not set a sidebar configuration in the page editing page.


    Is there a reason you are making the top banner inside the content instead of using the site header.

    Read the article below on how to handle full width design


    If after that you have more question, describe the whole layout you are after.




    Thank you for your prompt response

    You guided me into the right direction to fix the problem.

    I had played around within the Layout/Full Width part, but not in the Sidebar.

    So I removed the sidebar which fixed my issue.

    Now, for your next question, I did read the article you sent before formulating this question, but since I had not removed the sidebar (no sidebar) i didn´t get any results.

    I don´t completely understand what you mean by: “Is there a reason you are making the top banner inside the content instead of using the site header.”.  The top banner I believe you mentioned is the blue bar.  It is part of a plugin. I look around to see where I could find something explaining what you mean by using the site header, but I couldn´t figure it out.

    Nevertheless, the reason for which I created this concerned has been resolved, and again, I´d like to thank you for your terrific and valuable answer.




    I was just wondering if that blue bar will be on every page, or if it is just for that page content.

    If on all pages, it should be created as a header image, so you don’t have to insert it in every page.



    Now I understand

    No, that blue bar is only part of the squeeze page


    Thank you

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