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    Hi, I am very new to everything and taken over looking after our societies website. I know a bit about HTML and PHP and WordPress so that I can update, put new events up etc on our site. But need some help with trying to get rid of some unused or obsolute plugins that have been installed to help reduce some space.

    The site is Using the Weaver-xtreme Theme with a weavex-child theme which was designed for us specifically.

    The issue is we also seem to have three other themes installed.

    TwentyTwentyone; TwentyTwentytwo; and TwentyTwentythree

    If we are just using the Weaver-xtreme theme solely, do we still need to have the above themes installed.

    Sorry I did do a search but did not come up with an answer I was looking for.





    Yes, you may delete these other Themes if you’re using Xtreme.



    Many thanks, that was so quick. I will do that tomorrow.

    Regards WebGSQ



    It is generally good practice to keep a backup theme available – I’d recommend Twenty-Eleven as it is a tiny bit similar to Weaver.

    This is because if something goes wrong with updating Weaver Xtreme (very unusual, but it happens),  WordPress can  revert to the backup Twenty-Eleven until you can re-install Weaver Xtreme. This practice goes for any theme, actually.

    You likely have the extra three Twenty-xxx themes because every year, WP releases a new Twenty-xxx theme, and will helpfully install it when it updates the WordPress core.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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