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    Can you perhaps tell what I have done to mess up this page on mobile?


    I is an iframe on my desktop site.

    using this url in the iframe rule [weaver_iframe src=’https://thenickrocks.ticketfly.com/calendar’]

    I recently added ssl to my site. (It was free on Bluehost so I said ok)

    The page was not displaying without the s in the https so I changed this on the iframe and now it is appearing on desktop but nothing is showing on mobile for this page

    it has been a while since I built this site. I don’t know if there were some css rules I added for the mobile w/ this iframe…if so I can not find where it was now.

    Can you tell me where I would have added css rules for mobile for one page. or for this iframe…perhaps I need to add the s to the https on mobile too. just and find it. 🙂









    If I open the page on desktop, and shrink the browser until the menu switches to the slide open men, the iframe is still showing.

    If it is the same for you and it only disappears on an actual mobile device, it could either be because the mobile devise is blocking it, or because you have a plugin that activate something different for mobile. You should not be using any plugin that has a Mobile feature as this would be incompatible with the theme responsiveness.

    SIde Note: On desktop when I shrink the browser, the iframe does display, but is totally non responsive and so is cutoff.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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