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    On my test site I want to add breadcrumbs that show the visitor the path back to the home page and any page in between. But the path goes directly from a subpage to home.

    I have enable Yoast breadcrumbs and get the same result. Here is the site: http://sgdtestsite.com/

    If you go to  http://sgdtestsite.com/motorized-window-treatments/, the path is correct: Home/Motorized Window Treatments

    But if you go to a subpage of Motorized Window Treatments, the path skips over the parent page: http://sgdtestsite.com/why-motorized-window-treatments/     The breadcrumbs are Home/Hartmann & Forbes Motorized Window Treatments.    The parent page Motorized Window Treatments is missing. Is this normal?

    Using WeaverX and Elementor


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    You may or may not get this response – BlueHost has been broken for 9 days now.

    How are the pages set up – via custom menus, or default.

    I’ve never seen them wrong before, so is there anything a bit different about how those pages are set up?

    I will be moving hosting companies in the next couple of days, so this site is a bit unstable for a while


    Thanks Weaver. I used WordPress custom menus for the pages.

    I did go back to see if I did anything different with the pages, and they all look normal.

    What I ended up doing was assigning a parent page under Page Attributes. This fixed the problem, but it seems to me that if I use WordPress custom menus, I shouldn’t have to assign parent pages. This might be an Elementor issue, although when searching for a solution I couldn’t find anything.

    Thanks for getting me in the right direction.


    The breadcrumb code is fairly old, so there is some chance that the WP interface for custom menu crumbs has changed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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