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    I am using Weaver Xtreme

    I have a site with a woo commerce shop.

    The featured image of a product appears twice on the product page.  Once as the main image and once below in the thumbnail gallery.

    On a pc the images are correct.

    On a mobile device the second image appears the same size as the main image and is blurry.


    Can you advise how to fix this problem?








    You should never give a login on a forum, as any hacker could take it and then hack your site!

    So I removed the link.

    Your site is in maintenance mode, so we need you to remove maintenance mode and give us a link to a page that shows the problem.


    This may have to do with the image dimensions you’ve set in the Dashboard -> Settings menu for the different possibilities – thumbnail, large, etc. I don’t know how Woo sets the image sizes for product pages, but it is not uncommon to use thumbnail sizes for mobile devices. That may be a Woo setting, or you may need to up the dimensions you have for thumbnail images, then use a plugin to resize all your images based on the new sizes you set. (WordPress usually saves the original full size image, then creates the other sizes on the fly when originally uploaded – you need to use a image resize plugin to get WP to reset all the images to the new sizes.)


    Thanks for your help.

    I deactivated the plugin “Product Image Zoom for WooCommerce” and that fixed the problem


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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