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    I’ld like to know how to add a link to the entire or part of the subtitle of my blogpage.
    Can I do this and if so, how?
    Reason: I have a rather large subtitle and it takes a lot of space. Therefore I would like to add a link so I can re-route to a subpage.
    Thank you for your help!

    If you call the tagline the subtitle, you would need to hide the default title and tagline using the Hide options in Main Options > Header > Tite & Tagline section.

    Then recreate them manually using the title and tagline shortcode (below) as explained in the Add-Ons page, with the tagline one inside a link, and placed in an insertion area.

    [site_title matchtheme=true]
    <a href=”pageURL“>[site_tagline matchtheme=true]</a>

    Normally you would have placed these shortcodes inside Main options > HEader > Site Title & tagline > Site Logo HTML Box.

    BUT it looks like there is a bug, and shortcode placed in there do not work.

    @weaver, it looks like if we place a title or tagline shortcode in the Logo HTML box, it does not work, it just displays the code.


    The Logo HTML box is being deprecated – there will be no new support for that option. It is not supported in the Customizer interface now.

    Building the Customizer interface revealed the weak, not overly useful implementation of that option. It just isn’t any good.

    I will likely add a new Customizer based Logo option eventually.


    Hope you don’t remove it, as this may cause problem to all the people who are using it right now….

    @CLMNSL  what you can do then is build your own Title and tagline with regular HTML in the Site Logo HTML instead of using the shortcodes


    Deprecated means it will stay in the Legacy interface, probably forever, but it may get a new description.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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