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    url:  https://controsys.com

    There is a big empty space at the bottom of the home page that I couldn’t remove.

    Kindly advise where can be the problem. Thks


    You seem to want a full width page with no sidebars. There will be an option to select that page layout. I think the bottom space has to do with an empty right sidebar you’ve tried to hide some other way.


    You have rules below that makes the sidebar 0% width, making it stretch all the way down

    #container_wrap.right-1-col{width:100.000%;} #sidebar_wrap_right.right-1-col{width:0.000%;}

    #container_wrap{width:100.000%;} #sidebar_wrap_left{width:0.000%;} #sidebar_wrap_right{width:0.000%;}

    So I suspect you have set the sidebar width to zero either in the Sidebar & layout page, in the page editing page option.

    Remove that zero width value and then we can review what you were trying to do

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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