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    In Weaver II Pro I used


    under Menus | Menu Bar | Menu Bar Background. This no longer works.




    That should still work when entered on the Legacy Interface (requires the theme support plugin).

    I added one to Main Options : Menus : Primary Menu Bar : Menu Bar BG : CSS+.

    Used your code exactly except for a different url to a file in my media library.



    I’m using the Legacy Interface and not only is the css not working, I can’t adjust the menu bg color, item padding, etc. I’m on a DreamHost DreamPress server for the first time – this was at the client’s request. Could that be a factor?



    DreamHost is known to have serious issues with Weaver Xtreme.

    I don’t know what more to say. There are no known issues on other hosts when using the Legacy interface, certainly just changing the menu bg color should not be any issue.

    If you are using Xtreme Plus, then try using the Advanced Options : Site Options : Inline CSS option on.




    That worked! Albeit a bit buggy, as the setting dropped out once. One more query, in II Pro I could force caps in the menu bar with this in the Menus | Menu Bar | Text area:

    p.uppercase {
    text-transform: uppercase;

    However that’s not working in X. I placed that css in the Menu Bar Color css box.



    NVM, workaround, simply capitalize all items in the Menu area. Thanks so much for your solution!






    To force all caps in the menu bar text, put this CSS

    {text-transform: uppercase;}

    in the CSS+ box (Custom CSS styling) of Main Options > Menus > Menu Bar Text Color.

    I use this myself, so I know it works 🙂



    Using Inline CSS is NOT a solution, it is a diagnostic that tells you something is Wrong with the installation, usually permission issues preventing the weaver CSS file to be created or read.

    So you should investigate that so you can work without using Inline CSS



    This was on Dreamhost – it seems to block writing files. Dreamhost is a truly restrictive site that is extremely expensive as well. I think it is a really bad choice myself.

    I think that Inline CSS may be the ONLY solution for Dreamhost.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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