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    What’s a reliable contact form to use with Xtreme Plus nowadays? Site is running the following:

    • WordPress 5.6
    • Weaver Xtreme Plus 4.0
    • Weaver Xtreme Theme Support 4.4.1
    • Contact Form 7, version 5.6.2

    Contact Form 7 has 5 million+ active installs and was working fine for years, but somewhere in the recent Weaver and WP updates, it stopped functioning at https://www.swamisriatmananda.com/contact/.

    Now all incoming contact messages are marked as spam because: “reCAPTCHA response token is empty.”

    Contact Form 7 developer says “One of the common reasons is that reCAPTCHA’s script file is not loaded, or that it is malfunctioning. In most cases this is caused due to the ill-designed theme that is used on the site.”

    Please let me know if there’s a way to fix this, or a better contact form to use with Xtreme Plus.

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    I just switched WeaverTheme.com from a different (and apparently obsolete) contact plugin to Contact Form 7.

    It seems to work perfectly for me. I did have a bit of difficulty with the recaptcha. You may need to update your Contact Form 7’s recaptcha setting. If you haven’t touched it in a long time, it is possible it is not longer working as reCaptcha V3 is the preferred setting. You have to have a Google Recaptcha setup for each site you use. You do have to use a Gmail account. I used the directions on https://contactform7.com/recaptcha/ to set mine up. It seems to be working perfectly. (reCaptcha V3 is normally invisible by some magic – it displays when spam is suspected.)


    I had to tweak the Mail tab that is used to send the form contents to me a bit from the defaults, but it now works just how I want for the WeaverTheme.com contact page.


    >>You may need to update your Contact Form 7’s recaptcha setting.

    Thanks for the suggestion. The reCaptcha version wasn’t showing in the settings for Contact Form 7, so I just deleted the reCaptcha keys and renewed them at Google for reCaptcha V3, and it’s working now. Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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