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    Hi All, trying to add bbpress to our little club website, weaver for bb is sure handy! but i cant figure out how to make the forum pages full width. I created a page /Forums and using weaver xtreme removed the sidebar but when you enter a page the sidebar returns….

    Welcome to MARS Rocketry!

    any ideas?



    I can’t see any page on your site that show the forum at all.

    I tried https://marsclub.org/forum (or /Forum) that gives no results.

    But I just did a little test on our support forum right here. So for example, clicking the Forums menu item above


    opens the list of all forums using the standard page layout setting. The entire contents of that page is:


    The styling for THIS post when creating a response follows the settings for the Post Single page view, I believe.

    To test, after I checked the Per Page options for that page to have no sidebars, it worked as expected – no sidebars. (I’ve obviously changed it back now – I find all the info in the left sidebar here very workable for this forum, but that could be in the footer, for example.)

    And, for example, the HOME page of this site includes the intro info at the top and then the shortcode [bbp-topic-index]

    I run this forum as a subdomain, but there certainly is no reason you couldn’t combine any of your other content with the forum.

    And by full width, I’m assuming you mean your site’s full width definition, and not browser full width.

    Your header image is not full width – it shrinks to less than the content width as you reduce browser width, FYI.

    The styling for THIS post when looking at the topic seems to be using the Post Single page styling settings.


    Hi just made sure https:\\marsclub.org\forums was a working page.

    i can make that index page with no toolbars but once someone enters it returns to the default with the toolbars….



    I don’t have time to test this at the moment, but it does look like your forum list page has the per page option for no sidbars (one column).

    When you open a topic or forum, I’m pretty sure the page is being generated using the post single page view. So, set the global setting for the Single Page View to have no sidebars. This will be a global setting – there is no provision to support different layouts for single view.

    If that doesn’t work, then I should have some time to look again in a day or two.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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