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    Thank you for your help.
    …For me it is a complex thing.
    1. I can see well the images (centered image) with IE v.11 in other website which have photos upload with the plugin (Easy Media Gallery).

    2. I test Easy Gallery Pro v (old version) in other web site (mine) in the theme Weaver
    Xtreme, with IE 11 and images open bad, on the edge.

    3. I try again in the same web site, with the same version of the plugin (Easy Meida Gallery), and
    IE 11, but in this case, in the Theme Twenty Twelve and the images open
    well, in the center.
    Also one year ago I used Weaver II with this plugin and I don’t have problems when the image opened in IE. So is it the Weaver Xtreme theme?
    I talked with plugin developer and he told me that the plugin don’t have problems.
    If you have some more ideas… Thank you


    Your need to listen to what I said 🙂

    The plugin may behave differently with different theme, because it depends what happens during the loading of the page.

    If when the plugin computes the position, the theme has already loaded everything, it will be fine, but if the theme still does some things after that, the position will be wrong.

    It is the job of the plugin to make sure that they compute the position AFTER everything is loaded, if not the result may be wrong.

    So this is NOT a theme issue, but a plugin issue, and you need to speak with the plugin developer.


    Well… I listen your commets 🙂
    I believe you, I am no expert on computer.
    I asked to the plugin developer and I am waiting his answer.
    If I have interesting news, I will tell you.
    Thank you very much.

Viewing 3 posts - 17 through 19 (of 19 total)
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