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    I updated the WordPress, the Weaver Xtreme and the plugin Easy Media Gallery but now when I use the Internet Explorer version 11, the windows of the images of this plugin open at right of the screen of the computer, on the edge. However with the Mocilla Firefox or Google Chrome brousers the opening works well: the window of the image opens in the center of the screen. Does someone know if it is possible to do something in the Weaver theme to arrange this “disarray” with Internet Explorer12 when the images are open with Easy Meida Gallery? Thank you very much (sorry for my English).
    If you want to see how an imagen opens, please, look for them in the web site:
    Nombre: Colaborador
    Contraseña: 1234567


    Your link does not work.

    But if the feature that does not work is from a plugin, you should probably ask there first


    I ask about the plugin and they told me that I have to ask to the support of the theme.
    I remove the key (the login) of the web and now the web site is open (public).
    The address is “petrografiacarbon.es”.
    Tell me, please, if you can see the web site.
    The images are, for exemple, in Introduccion > El rango del carbón.
    Thank you very much.

    If I go to that page


     and click on an image, I get a popup saying

    “This site says [Object/object] I click OK then I get a spinning wheel icon and nothing else ever happens.
    If the plugin developer says the them is causing issue, they have to be specific and explained exactly what the problem is.

    I don’t understand what happen. I can open images in my computer with 3 brousers.
    Tell me, please, what brouser and version you are using (or other data). With these data I will talk with the plugin developer.
    Thank you for your time.

    I have tried W10 Edge, IE11, chrome and Firefox, All do the same thing

    With Windows 8.1, I can see the images in both Chrome and IE11 without any problem, and the images are also centred on both browsers.


    I’m not a computer specialist, but so… is the problem the Windows system?
    My computer works with Windows 7.
    Does scrambler use other Windows and my Web site does not work well in his Computer System?
    Thank you Gilian.


    I tried on my windows 7 machine with IE 11 and same thing. So don’t know what to tell you.

    have you tried on other computers than your ? 


    It is possible that using the default page naming (?page_id=123) is the problem. (I get the error message, too)

    Open the Permalinks setting, and pick a more conventional way to name pages – using “Post name” is the most useful and widely used convention.


    I picked in “Post name” (in Permalinks). Obviously, now  the widgets don’t work: I guess I need to change the “page name” in the plugin that controls the widgets, but before… now, do you see some change? do you see errors?
    I see the web site in my office PC and in my laptop. And now I see it works well exept when I use the IE 11, that the images open (image window) on the border of the screen (when I pick on the thumbnail).


    If I go to http://petrografiacarbon.es/introduccion/rango-carbon/  On my windows 7 / IE11 I have the same problem.

    If I click on an image, I get a popup with a warning yellow triangle that says [object Object] and has an OK button, when I click OK, I get a spinning Icon forever.

    If may be related to some browser options, but the plugin you are using is not working so you should ask the plugin developer what may be going on


    I don’t know why that would make the widgets not work. If there are links there with the old ?page_id=123 format, they should still work.

    Your site still does not work for me if I try to click on of the images – get what @scrambler just described.

    Even if YOU can see images pop up on some browsers, the fact is there remains some kind of serious problem with the plugin that is supposed to popup an image.

    This is almost certainly (99%) NOT related to Weaver theme, and almost certainly related to the plugin. But it IS broken, and not working.

    Since you can’t see it not work, from what I understand, it may be difficult to find the problem. But at the least, two of us can’t see your images pop up or whatever, and get an error message that hangs the site.


    Thank you both for your comments.

    I cheked it on my mobile and it works well, but I don’t understand why you cannot see the images. I will ask the plugin developer.

    The widgets not work. I marked in the widgets, with a plugin (widget contex), where they have to appear. I did it with page-id=123 format. Now, when I changed the format, they disappeared. I cheked one changing the  number ID by the name of the page (in the plugin widge contex) and the widge appears in this page. But I have to change all number (?page id=number) for the name of the page in all widgets.


    The plugin developer made this solution (although I don’t enderstand these questions):
    We just make empty fro .htaccess file inside
    wp-admin folder where that file is block for using wp-ajax.php
    The following code is the script inside .htaccess file :

    ErrorDocument 401 default

    AuthName “Acceso restringido”

    <Files admin-ajax.php>

        Order allow,deny

        Allow from all

        Satisfy any


    AuthUserFile “/home/petrogra/.htpasswds/public_html/wp-admin/passwd”

    Please, can you see if the web site works well? Can you open de window image? Thanks.


    yes the site works now for me.

    On IE, when I click on the image, it opens up to the right instead of centered. This is the fault of the plugin as they generate the Inline CSS for the position. So you need to speak with them to fix the position of the opening image.

    One important thing to note, is that when the image opens up to the right, I change the size of the browser a bit, then the image gets centered. This tells me that the plugin has a refresh problem. They compute the position before everything else is in place, so when we change the browser size, they recomputed the position and things get corrected.

    Definitely a problem in the plugin code.

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