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    1) How can you “drag” the sidebar background color up to the header (or menu bar), and make it flow down to the footer (in Weaver Xtreme Plus). And how to get a vertical line between sidebar and content go all the way up and down?

    2) There is an option in Main Options > Menus > Desktop Menu Spacing: to add space between menubar items. However, no matter what value I enter, nothing happens. Am I overlooking something?

    3) With Weaver II Pro there is an option to have different background color on right and left sidebar (widget areas). But not in Xtreme?

    Here is my website: http://www.nordoy.net/


    1 –  i. Hide the InfoBar from the options for all devices.
          ii. Set a bg color for primary and secondary sidebar areas (there are only two now, you can set a bg color for each. The primary will be the left or upper area.)
         iii. On the sidebars and layout tab, at the bottom of the Sidebar layout option, check the Flow color to bottom.
         iv. On the Content Areas tab, in the Content Area section, for the CSS+ box for the Content Area BG, add a rule {border-right: 1px solid black;} (or left and whatever color you need.

    2. The spacing option works. Perhaps you set a value for the wrong menu – you can set Primary and Secondary menus separately.

    3. See #1 – use the bg color for Primary and Secondary sidebars to set the bg colors for sidebars.


    2- I told you in your other thread


    what to do to find out what may be going on, Weaver has a good additional point, make sure you used the option in the Primary menu bar option set


    The sidebar issues are solved, thank you Weaver!
    The menubar spacing issue (2) is still present, though. II have tried what you adviced in the other thread, Scrambler, but haven’t found any bad CSS (more in that other thread).
    Weaver, I have now set a value for the Secondary Menu Bar too, but still no result.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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