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    I’m trying to add infinite scroll feature to my test website, using the plugin Auto Load Next Post. It works out of the box with default themes like Twenty Nineteen. But not with Weaver Xtreme 4.2.2.


    The plugin asks for theme selector in its settings. They have a little help section here to help us find them. I tried to find them with my browser inspection tool but changing the plugin settings doesn’t work.

    Am I setting the wrong theme selectors? Is Weaver Xtreme incompatible with infinite scroll? Or do I have to add something to the website code to make it work?


    The settings ask for :

    • Content Container
    • Post Title
    • Post Navigation
    • Comments Container



    Optionally : Do you know a better/simpler way to get this feature?


    Please help. Thank you!  🙂




    Container selector: ID  container  (#container)

    Post title selector: tag h2, Class post-title (h2.post-title)

    Post navigation: tat would depend on your settings, please provide a link to your post page

    Comments container: ID comments (#comments)


    Weaver already supports autoload. You just have to enable it in Jetpack. It seems more likely than not that a plugin would fail with Weaver.


    Note – because of the way Weaver implements the Footer, only the show more posts with a button can be supported. You will get that behavior if you enable either of the two Jetpack infinite scroll options.

    Weaver’s native Jetpack infinite scroll will work much better than any plugin can because it will display the posts with the same styling as the theme displays all blog posts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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