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    I have had problems since December. I have tried to post maybe 10 times, but I keep on getting the message that ‘I cannot reply’.

    Only once I was allowed to comment on someone else’s discussion. But the next time I tried, I wasn’t.

    Please advise what we can do to be able to post.


    Have you tried today as @weaver made an update on the forum the day before?

    Are you trying to answer in an existing thread or to open a new thread?


    Yep! Just tried to start a new discussion & received the same blasted error, “You cannot reply to this topic.” ARGH


    This is weird as other are able. May be @weaver can figure it out…

    In the mean time @Patti if urgent, post it here and I will split it into its own thread


    I’m really having a hard time finding the source of this issue.

    I just created a test new post under Patti’s name using a plugin that allows an Admin to post from any user’s account. This should be exactly the same process as if the user were actually logged in. And I could create a new post.

    The only difference would be the originating IP, so I’m going to check is somehow @Patti s IP is somehow being blocked.

Viewing 5 posts - 17 through 21 (of 21 total)
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