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    Weaver Xtreme Version 4.0 is nearly ready for final release. We’ve just released the first Alpha version for your testing delight.

    There’s plenty new, including integrated support for the new Gutenberg editor, which will soon be the default editor for WordPress.

    Here’s more details of what is new: https://weavertheme.com/whats-new-in-weaver-xtreme-4-0/

    While this is an Alpha release, that is more because there are still a few new features to add more than it is unreliable or buggy. We’re using in on live sites now, including https://weavertheme.com.

    Click HERE to download the latest Weaver Xtreme V4 and the matching Weave Xtreme Theme Support Plugin V4 Alpha versions.

    IMPORTANT: To be safe, you should make backups of your current theme settings, preferably by downloading to your own computer. You should install these versions right over your current versions. If you need to revert, the new version should not have messed up your current settings, and you can just re-install the versions from the WordPress.org repositories.

    Perhaps the easiest way to install these new versions is to temporarily switch to some other theme such as Twenty Sixteen, deactivate and delete the current Weaver Xtreme and Weaver Xtreme Repository (Weaver Xtreme Plus will get a new version a bit later), then install as uploads the new theme and theme support plugins you downloaded from the above link.

    Please let us know what you think. I’ve installed these versions on several existing sites with no issues – everything continued to look the same. I hope you get similar results!



    I get the following php warning message.

    ( ! ) Warning: strpos() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given in C:\z0wordpress_apps\smartlink\wordpress\wp-content\themes\weaver-xtreme\includes\generatecss.php on line 179
    Call Stack

    Editor – unneeded info removed.



    Thank you very much for that report. The bug will be fixed.



    To keep the Header Widget Full Width I’m having to check the box;

    Main Options > Full Width > [ Stretch Areas Expand ] > Entire Site Full Width

    nearly each time I make a change to any other options.

    Using Basic Expanded or Basic Full.






    When you say “Using Basic Expanded or Basic Full”, do you mean the “Core Site Layout” options?

    If so, then that is designed behavior. That option automatically and intentionally overrides other full width options.

    Re-reading the option descriptions, that needs to be made more clear.

    The permanent way to use the Core Site Layout options and get a stretched (full) is to set the alignment for the Header Widget Area to “Align Full”.

    Note that the Core Site Layout is a new option, so if not used, there is complete backward compatibility with the other full width options. If used, the Full and Stretched options create slightly different “full” width designs that match what is very widely used these days in many other WordPress themes, and seem to match what new WP users are expecting. It gets the “standard” look with just one setting.




    ok – got it – expecting the subtheme of expanded or full to do that.

    using Main Options > Header > Header Widget Area > Align Full or Wide (depending on preference) makes the difference.




    It is a bit of a new way to do that – following what seems to be a new standard for alignwide and alignfull to expand on the essentially standard alignleft, alignright, and align center. These will become standard with the release of Gutenberg.




    I’m testing out creating a new post with native Gutenberg. How will custom css styles be handled? Will it be handled the same way using the custom style css box like it’s done now: Main -> Fonts & Custom -> Custom CSS Rules ?

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