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    Google seems to want all WordPress sites to use its AMP plugin. When I installed it and activated it, I started seeing warnings that JavaScript was disabled on whatever browser I had open. One result is that the menus don’t work. Analytics shows that my traffic has basically disappeared. I’m not even seeing social traffic or direct traffic.

    I have since learned that it shows up whenever anyone else visits my sites. Yesterday, I disabled the plugin. Today it has turned itself back on.

    I have found some “explanations” and “workarounds” on the AMP plugin “support” pages, which make no sense to me at all. But I find this sentence: “Many themes and plugins already have fallbacks in case JavaScript is not available so that will serve them well in AMP. ”

    So what can I do with Weaver settings to get my sites to work again? Here’s one sample: https://sustainabilityscout.com. I just disabled the plugin there, though. I haven’t done anything with https://music.allpurposeguru.com


    I know nothing about the AMP plugin and never used it on a site, so I don’t have specifics about that (maybe @weaver will).

    But  Xtreme cannot function without Javascript, there is no fallback there. So the real issue you need to figure out, is why the AMP plugin would disable JavaScript, as it should not do that.

    If the AMP plugin needs to disable Javascript, then it cannot be used with Xtreme.



    My understanding of AMP is that it is not nearly as wonderful as Google might want you to believe. I believe Weaver’s mobile support is plenty adequate for phones and tablets, and really doesn’t need any tiny help AMP might provide.

    I had tested the earlier versions of AMP plugins (two or three years ago), and they didn’t break Weaver Xtreme then. Don’t know about now.


    OK. I’ll delete the plugin. You guys always answer my questions promptly, so there’s no way I’ll look for another theme.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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