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    All the posts about how to use the AMP plugin or WeaverXtreme compatibility with AMP that I can find are 5+ years old. Is there any newer info available? Is WeaverXtreme considered fully AMP compatible? (So that I should be able to configure AMP using the Standard Mode?)  Are there tweaks or suggestions, best practices for WeaverXtreme users somewhere on this forum that I am not seeing? Is the info from this forum from 2016 still correct?

    I have tested AMP on one of my simpler sites and it seems to work fine in Standard Mode, except it warns that javascript is not enabled on my browser, which is not correct.



    @weaver will have to comment


    I have done no testing with AMP.

    See this:



    Thanks for the reply. Seems like AMP has lost some urgency, despite a lot of SEO and performance tools flagging non-AMP sites as needing to adopt it in order to boost speed or SEO rank.

    Based on playing with other themes, it seems like out of the box, WeaverXtreme is not compatible with a standard AMP install as it makes the browser throw an error that paints at the top of the site saying  “JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site” (even though JavaScript is enabled on the browser).  From what I can tell this error is generated because WeaverXtreme is layering that error in as it tries to load either a script or a noscript that AMP does not like.

    Standard themes like Twenty Nineteen or Twenty Twenty do not cause a similar error.  So there is  something extra WeaverXtreme is doing that cause those errors that might be easy to address or useful to understand, but I do not have the expertise to figure that out.  I fully understand it may not be worth your time to figure that out either, but I write this reply since it may be a project for someone else who could share their findings here at a later date.  Having a very vanilla WeaverXtreme install be able to call itself AMP-compliant because it tweaks how it loads its scripts a bit would be a useful thing, I would think.





Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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