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    In Xtreme Plus (1.3) I can add the Google font Dosis so that it shows up in all the font selection lists. But I don’t see where I can set that to be the default font throughout the site. The font settings let me choose a default size and line-height for example but not the font-family.

    I had to go to every font selection area on all the theme options tabs and change the Font family from Inherit to Dosis. That works, but I’m missing where the Inherit default setting is. If I don’t select Dosis in any of these options I get Arial :(.
    Is there really no way to select the default font in Xtreme Plus, or am I just missing something in the Font options?

    If you set the font family in Main Options > Wrappings Areas > Wrapper Area > text font property > Font family, and the others to inherit, they should be inheriting the wrapper font family selected.


    Thanks, with so many options I did miss that sentence in the Wrapper Area that this is the default setting for all the other font selectors.

    I’d like to suggest that you move that setting to the Fonts & Custom > Fonts area, it would be more intuitive, at least to me…


    Not sure why it is happening, but Open Sans is now the default font for Weaver Xtreme. You should delete your font definition from the Weaver Xtreme Plus font options, and be sure the Wrapper Area is set to Open Sans.

    This may be a conflict with loading the font set twice.


    I fixed that and no luck

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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