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    I have searched the forum and have been unable to find a solution to get the Post Titles and FIs aligned on the page when I have multiple posts in columns across the page – my page  http://www.cookabilly.com.au/ 

    This page acts as a summary of the recipes and then links through to each individual post.  I am trying to create a page that functions like this example http://everydaygourmet.tv/recipes/.. Any help on pointing me to the functions that deliver the categories listing on the side as well as the categories in sections on the one page would also be appreciated.

    Its a steep learning curve for me at the moment…


    1) If your titles are going to be on one or two lines, you have to set a minimum height for that title so that it always take the same space.

    You can do that by adding the CSS below in the Per page style box of that page editing page

    .post-title {min-height:50px;}

    FYI, for multiple columns without using masonry, read Item #3 in the thread below


    2) For the list of categories, just use the WordPress Categories widget, and we can help fine tune the styling if needed

    3) To show posts in sections, use the weaver Show Posts plugin, and create one filter for each category. then you can build a page with several show posts shortcode.

    show post shortcode for category one

    show post shortcode for category two



    Hi Scrambler

    1) Please tell me where I need to add the code .post-title {min-height:50px;} , because I have tried adding on the page edit – the only place I could find where it says

    Per Page body Class – CSS class name to add to HTML <body> block. Allows Per Page custom styling.  and nothing changed.

    When I have tried to use the codes for columns I could not get it to work correctly so I just been selecting the number of columns from the page edit function.

    2) Got it – need styling and I will come back to that thanks.

    3) Found it and it works well – same issue here with getting images and titles aligned and in columns on the page. I guess once I have the issue on alignment fixed it will work across all pages.


    1) if you do not have the “plus” plugin, you dont have a per page style box. In that case you will need to add the page id class to the rule and place the rule in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box. It will look like
    .page-id-xxxx .post-title {min-height:50px;}
    replacing xxx by the page ID #
    If you are using columns on all pages, you can ignore the page id class.

    Works nicely – thanks Scrambler

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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