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    Just updated to Xtreme 4.3.2 on one of my sites, all seems OK except for the Align Wide or Align Full option when used on Primary Menu that is set to fixed to top on scroll.

    The menu on this site was originally set to ‘align full items right’. After updating, when scrolling and reaching the point where the menu is fixed the menu moves across to the right, leaving a gap at the left hand side.

    I tested all Align Full options and get the same result.

    Also tested Align Wide, this is slightly different in that the menu doesn’t shift over to the right, but it doesn’t retain the full width background on scrolling.

    Both Align Wide and Align Full seem to work OK on the menu as long as its not set to fix to top on scroll.

    I have changed the menu to right alignment and used ‘Extend BG Attributes to Full Width’ for now, so don’t have a live site for you to check at the moment.


    I cannot reproduce the problem.

    Please make sure that you go in the setting page and resave your settings as sometimes after an update new settings are not automatically regenerated, and if you still have the problem, we must see the site with the problem active.



    Weaver settings have been re-saved multiple times as I have tested out all the various align wide and align full options.

    It is very possibly something to do with the precise configuration on that website, at present I am happy with the workaround but will see if I can replicate the issue myself on another website.


    OK, so I have updated 3 sites that use align full on the primary menu in conjunction with fix to top on scroll. All of them have displayed this same behaviour of the menu shifting over to the right on scroll. I have changed settings on 2 of the sites as a workaround as they are live.

    The third site is still being built, so you can see the issue here: https://westfield-sportscars.co.uk/sport250build/

    I can see this issue in a number of browsers on Mac OS and also Safari on the new iPadOS.


    Have you upgraded to Weaver Xtreme 4.3.2?

    Also, when you use fix to top, the menu ends up outside the header <div>, so you must apply the alignfull specifically to the menu. Do not combine alignfull with other full width options for the menu such as extend bg.



    This has only happened since updating to 4.3.2, it was working correctly before the update.

    Align full is applied specifically on the primary menu.

    No other full width options are used on the menu.


    OK, You are right, I could not see it as I had the header also set to alignfull.

    @weaver, there is a typo in the alignfull CSS rules, it says

    {xleft:0;margin-left:calc(50% – 50vw);margin-right:calc(50% – 50vw);max-width:1000%;width:100vw}

    instead of

    {left:0;margin-left:calc(50% – 50vw);margin-right:calc(50% – 50vw);max-width:1000%;width:100vw}

    the xleft is the culprit 🙂

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    Sorry about that.

    I’ve uploaded to the WP repository. Should show update available soon.

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    You are using both the alignfull setting AND the Full width page stretch options.

    These are incompatible, clear all the Main options > Full With option if you use alignfull

    Next time open your own thread


    I can confirm that the update has resolved this issue, thank you for such quick support.

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