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    I recently updated from Weaver Xtreme Plus 3.2 to 4.2.2. All plugins current as on 1-13-19.   Running wordpress 4.9.9.  On the pages that use a featured image, only a sliver of the image is now showing, and a big blank area.  It has search icon over it, but I tried removing that and it did not help. If you need to see it, I will have to send you a private password , as it is a test system which requires a login.  The Production system is still on 3.2 theme and working ok.  If it is not obvious how to send a private response, please tell me.  A sample page in the production version is https://win-nc.com/chapters/hampstead/?_chaptermenu=apex where the featured image is showing correctly.





    First make sure you are also running the latest version of the Xtreme Theme Support plugin (V 4.0.3) and the latest version of the Plus plugin (V 3.1.1)

    Next go in any setting page and resave all settings.

    Next clear ALL your caches

    If the problem is still there, we need access to the page with the problem



    You also should upgrade to WordPress 5.0.2. It is important to do that.

    If you don’t want Gutenberg, install the Classic Editor plugin and set it to use the Classic Editor as the default editor.

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    That was a hard one 🙂

    The problem comes from the header image alignment.

    On the broken site, it appears the Header image is set to align left, causing the image to be floated left, and that makes the following widget area expand up and cover it. I am not quite sure why the header widget area expands up over the header image in that configuration, but if you change the header image alignment to center or no alignment, it should fix it.

    Can you check on the old site (good one) what the header image alignment is set at and confirm.



    @weaver, this may actually be a bug.

    If you have a header image set to aligned left, followed by a Header Widget Area also set to aligned left, because the header image uses float:left, it makes the Header widget area cover the header image.

    As far as I can tell, there is actually no need for the CSS float:left on the header image. If that float left is removed, by default the header image is aligned left.

    So it would may be be better to just remove the float:left on the header image in that configuration

    Another solution would be to add a clear:both on the header widget area if that does not contradict any other configurations.



    I changed it to center and it is okay.  Thanks for catching it.  I can’t look at the Prod version until I update the theme, and won’t do that until I have done some testing for the new WordPress 5.0.3.  Something went squirrley in the theme admin, and in test it was throwing a PHP error, and in Prod it doesn’t have any tabs.


    I just accidentally updated the theme in Prod, (old WordPress) and it had the same problem, but then I changed the image alignment to center and it is ok too.  I also have a MAMP version which I just updated, and it works with the left alignment– go figure.


    I would have never figured it out because I did not change anything before the update.  Updating Prod proved that, although I did not do a SAVE as you had instructed before changing the center alignment.


    Any way, I am most appreciative of your prompt reply and diagnosis.

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