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    Hi Folks,
    I don’t believe this is a WXtreme issue, but I was wondering if you have see this issue before or have any clues to the origin of the issue.

    About 3 weeks ago the contents of the Admin Bar moved down the page a little, half outside the black background.
    It occurs only on public pages and posts. On all admin pages it renders crrectly. All public pages render correctly.

    I thought it was just a typical Chrome hiccup, so I left if to fix itself, but it has not fixed.
    It is a little annoying, but seems to have no other related problems I have found so far.

    I have tried disabling all plugins, but to no avail. I was doing nothing on the admin side other than editing when the issue started, so I have no clue as to what started it.

    Screen captures of the issue are here: https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/HKP-Admin-Bar-Issue.pdf

    I have done my best to search through the source code pages for a clue, but I am no expert and can see nothing glaring amiss.

    Any thought you have would be appreciated.

    Regards and thanks,


    We’ve had no other reports of this issue.

    It seems from the screen shots that the admin bar on pages has a transparent background. This should never happen unless there is some plugin or custom code modifying the admin bar styling. This would be very unusual.

    The issue will be apparent only to logged in users.


    Try a different browser, such as Firefox.

    Try disabling non-Weaver plugins to see if the issue goes away.


    Hi @weaver,

    Thanks.  After checking the issue is with the child theme, as vanilla 2019 and Xtreme work okay.

    You mention Weaver plugins.

    I have “Weaver Xtreme Theme Support” and “Weaver Themes Shortcode Compatibility” installed and active.

    I have “Weaver Show Posts” and “Weaver II Theme Extras” installed but not active.  Turning them on makes no difference.  I just reinstalled them as I recall a while back cleaned them out with others, after checking that all was working fine.

    Are there any other Weaver plugins I should have installed for compatibility?

    In the Child theme I have only “style.css” which makes no difference to the admin bar issue, turned on or off.

    I also have “functions.php” which adds code for the comments box.  It was working for a long time and has not been recently modified as with the style.css.

    I turned on debug but am getting no error messages.

    FYI, functions.php and style.css are copied in attached below.

    Regards and thanks, Angus




    You have a few rules in your style.css that are for HTML tags and that do not include a selector like .wrapper, making them also apply to the admin bar.

    Add the .wrappper selector to these and see how it goes.

    Also if the child theme only includes the CSS file and the function.php, you can try removing one or the other and see which is responsible.


    Hi @scrambler

    After a lot of learning i now know what causes the header problem – but not how to fix it.

    Previously I had an issue that for some reason, a LIST (OL or UL) would leave no space under it and the following object.

    That was solved by inserting the following into child.style.css:

    ol, ul {margin-bottom:15px !important;}

    That line is the one which causes the admin bar text to drop down.

    Deleting that line resolved the admin bar problem – but I lose the space under all LISTs.

    I tried separating the functions as follows, but while they solve the admin bar problem, there do not fix the lost space under LIST issue:

    ul, {margin-bottom:15px !important;}
    ol, {margin-bottom:15px !important;}

    Do you have any suggestion for a working form of either,

    ol, ul {margin-bottom:15px !important;}   or
    ul, ol {margin-bottom:15px !important;}

    Both of which solve the LISTs space issue, but both of which cause this admin bar issue.

    Regards and thanks,


    I told you how to do it 🙂

    Add the .wrapper selector to the rule

    .wrapper ol, .wrapper ul {margin-bottom:15px !important;}



    Thanks @scrambler

    After a lot of testing, a workable solution is,

     .post-area ol, .post-area ul {margin-bottom:15px !important;}

    That solution solves the space under LISTs in all my browsers: Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Opera.

    It also solved the Admin Bar issue on Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

    However, it does not solve the Admin Bar issue on Brave and Opera.

    Since I only use Chrome for Admin, I’ll call this issue resolved.

    Regards and Thanks for all your advice!


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