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    My site had “mobile” item in the theme settings. I customized settings so my site was looking good on both desktop and mobile devices. At some point of timeit start showing only in desktop mode.
    I got to options and cannot see “mobile” item in menu. It used to bee between “advanced options” and “save/restore” items. Now it is completely disappeared with all settings. Please give me some suggestions how to get it back. I’ve looked at the forum, nothing like my problem. Thank you all who give a valuable advise. See my menu below (on the site it is horizontal).

    Weaver V2.0 Options

    Like Weaver? Please


    Please provide a link to your site so we can be sure of the details and versions.

    The latest version of weaver II is 2.2.3 and can be downloaded from the link below

    The latest version of the Weaver Theme Extra is 2.3.1


    Sorry, I forgot about link the site is http://ayurvedaplace.com/


    It looks like you are not even using the now obsolete Weaver II, but the even more antiquated weaver 2.x

    If that is the case the links and info I gave you are irrelevant, and there is nothing we can do about such an old and obsolete version. It is a miracle it still works.

    You need to consider redoing the site using the latest generation of weaver theme called Waver Xtreme.

    Your site is still using a non responsive design which is totally unfriendly on mobile. For that reason alone, it is time to enter the 21st century.

    If you don’t want to disturb the site while you are redoing it with Xtreme, create a sub folder in your WordPress hosting account, install a new WordPress there, and  Clone your site in it. Then install activate Weaver Xtreme, work out the new settings in there, and transfer them back to the live site when done.

    Info on cloning a site below

    Migrate your site to new domain name or new server


    Thank you. Visitors of my site used to how it looks and feels. I afraid if I go to latest version I probably won’t be able to replicate this look. Sub theme ‘Wheat’ probably won’t work with new Weaver Xtream. Thank you again. Have a great day.


    There is absolutely no reason to fear that, you will be able to reproduce the same look. The same Wheat subtheme is available in Xtreme.
    Xtreme is More powerful, not less.

    On desktop it will look exactly the same.
    What it will do is change a bit the way it looks on mobile and smaller browser, and that will be a good thing.

    First the content of the site will scale with the browser so that you always see the whole site on any browser size instead of having the site cropped on the side, hiding content from the user unless they scroll.
    Then on Small tablets and Phones, Instead of a menu bar that becomes two lines and takes a lot of the precious content real estate it will turn into a slide open mobile menu with the familiar Mobile menu icon (that you can change for anything you like). The sidebars will also stack above and or below the content so that you maximize content visibility on small devices.

    All this will make your site look the same but be more easily readable on small devices which are the majority of internet devices today. It will also raise your priority in Google search engine. Fixed width sites like yours are systematically downgraded in search engines.

    If you fear the changes, You should clone the site as I said, and experiment on your cloned site. You don’t have to push the changes to the live site until you like them and we can help you reproduce the exact same look.

    But staying on weaver 2.x guarantees you loose users on mobile, puts you at security risk, and will probably become incompatible with the latest WordPress putting you at even greater security risk.

    My 2 cents  🙂

    Note: The last version of the old weaver 2.x is 2.2.9 and is available here


    Thank you very much. I’ll do it.

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