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    Just added a shopping cart to the following site which was done some time ago with weaver II http://www.livelovehome.co.za

    Shopping cart processes shipping costs automatically according to weight and location, and processes credit cards and cod (automatic fee gets added if paying cash) As far as shopping carts go, Woocommerce is definitely the way to go. Integration with weaver II is absolutely seamless and to edit the shopping cart css is a cinch. 
    I am busy with another shopping cart integration with weaver Xtreme, and am just as impressed. Well done Bruce!
    Client is very happy, any comments appreciated


    This is a great looking site. Love the colors and font.
    Just a couple comments that are not in the right or wrong category, but what users are used to doing-
    I noticed that you do not like to use the header image for navigation on a few of your sites that I looked at.  Industry studies show that users like to click the logo as a means to get back to the home page.
    I like the navigation buttons to be ordered by importance.  Most users would expect the About button to be near the end and Catalogue directly next to Home, etc.
    Great home page images, well done.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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