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    Hello I have a client that has given me 2 zipped WebFont Kits they would like for me to use on their website. I have read through the “Font Control with Weaver Xtreme Plus”, and have tried searching for other demos and I do not understand. Can any one advise me on where to find specific info on this?

    This is where I get lost:

    “Use your hosting control panel, ftp, or even a WP plugin. Doesn’t matter. You can put these files almost anywhere, but remember that the /uploads directory survives updates, so we suggest creating a directory called fonts there: /wp-content/uploads/fonts/. Now, for each font you upload, create its own directory under /fonts. For example, for GoodDog, we created /wp-content/uploads/fonts/gooddog. We then uploaded the appropriate GoodDog files from my computer to that directory.”

    How is this done?


    Thank you in advance for any help!



    You go to you Host provider account, there you should have access to what is called cPanel.

    in cPanel, there should be a section called Files with an icon called file manager to access all your files.

    You will need to look under public_html, depending on how you are setup, your site folders may be directly under there, or inside a subfolder. You can check if your site WP install is in a subfolder by going to your site admin > dashboard > Setting > general, and it will show the path on the WP install. Follow that Path in your Cpanel.

    Then under your installation folder, the path will be Wp-content > uploads

    Once you have navigated to uploads, you can use the tools at the top to create your subfolder and then upload your files in the subfolders you created.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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