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    I’m a newbie to fonts. I read this dokument (https://guide.weavertheme.com/add-new-fonts-google-fonts-and-more/) but I don’t understand very much (english is not my first language). I put the files I became to follow a certain CI to /hsv-ev-fussball/wp-content/uploads/fonts/HsvSans (and more of them to /hsv-ev-fussball/wp-content/uploads/fonts/HsvSlab
    The site is https://hsv-ev-fussball.de (under construction)

    But I don’t know how to embed them and I have no css-file or a font-family-name. It might be hsvsans?!?

    Any hint?




    Are you adding a google font, or font squirrel or other source.

    What did you  put in the various boxes found in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Weaver Xtreme Plus Font control > Step 1 area

    For the CSS to put in the box number three, based on the font file names, I would assume it would be


    But @weaver may confirm



    For self-hosted fonts, if not from one of the standard places like font squirrel, may require completely custom CSS to get them working.

    I’m not sure it is possible to integrate theme into the font selector, either.

    I won’t be able to follow up on this as I’m going crazy trying to move weavertheme sites.



    I used <link href=’///hsv-ev-fussball/wp-content/uploads/fonts/HsvSans’> with font-family:hsvsans;

    and <link href=’///hsv-ev-fussball/wp-content/uploads/fonts/HsvSlab’> with font-family:hsvslab;

    I got this:


    Correct so far? Both looks like times new roman…



    It looks like it is working.

    Can you provide a link to a page with items that are set to use that fonts, and be specific about which one, so we can check if the font family is being applied



    I’m still waiting for the confirmation from the guy I got the mail from, but it should look like https://www.hsv-ev.de/news/

    I use hsvslab on the menu and content area on https://hsv-ev-fussball.de/



    The CSS says the font is selected.

    As for the look, the menu in your referenced site is using a different font called “Soho W01”

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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