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    the single page navigation (previous / next) seems not to  be addressing the way many (if not most) people are reading a blog: they open the blog page that lists posts (excerpts), click on a post they are interested in, and after reading would rather want to go back to the list (blog page) instead of navigating to the previous or next post.

    I’m looking for a way to include a “back-to-list”-link to the single page navigation. I figure there’s no built-in possibility for that, and so far I haven’t found a plugin which would do the trick .

    To place a link in the info bar would be my second choice, but I guess there’s no possibility to insert it there?

    The only other way I can think of is to use the blog top widget area and use a text widget to create a back-to-list link which would leave me with a shifted page layout, something I’d rather avoid.

    Or am I overlooking a possibility?



    Hm, in reply to my own question: I might have found a suitable solution via per page/post insertion.

    I added a custom field “pagecontentbottom” to each post, specified a link to the list (post page) as value, styled the link like the nav-below, adjusted with padding/margin to get it in the same position, hid nav-below.

    This way there’s still nav-above with “← previous” and “next →” on top and a new nav with  “← back to list” at the bottom.

    Would be nice to link to the respective page number (n) of the list (/blog/page/n), but I guess each time after publishing a new post one had to update this manually for the first and last post of each page. Or is there a way to automate %PAGE_NUMBER% so that the links would update after publishing a new post?



    or you can use your browser back button after reading the post to go back to the previous page you came from 🙂



    far too simple!



    I thought of using the browser back button as well, but then I wondered about going quickly back to the list after reading a few posts using the previous/next navigation.  Of course you can right-click on the browser back button and pick the page you want, but I wonder how many people know this trick?



    I certainly didn’t know about right-clicking the back button.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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