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    is there a place where there is an overview of all features – it can be hard to remember where to find what


    There is the Help file, and there is the Guide (link in left sidebar)


    But – if you just want to be reminded of all the features, I think it is easiest to use the Customizer interface, and just go down the set of options. Most of the top level menus have very similar sub-menus, but for the different whats – color, typography, etc.


    I am really frustrated at trying to find a feature… I’ve just spent 2 hours opening two sites and comparing each setting in the customerizer between the two.

    Site 1 (ABCInc) https://abettercomputerinc.com

    Site 2 (MyWp2) https://MyWordPressWebPage.com

    I have found the customizer setting to move the navigation menus to the top of the page.

    However, the ABCInc menu is left-justified. The MyWP2 menu is centered. If they were both one or the other, then I would assume that’s the way it is and just live with it. But… they’re different. I want to left-justify the navigation menu in MyWP2.

    My goal, for the last two hours, was to left-justify the menu for MyWP2. Can’t find where. Tried the obvious places: Header, Menus, Custom Menus, etc. I had to two two dashboards open and compared any different entries to see if there was something in the wording that I misunderstood. No Joy in Mudville.




    I just read the thread about the server problems. Please accept my condolences at your frustration and disappointment.

    This new information makes my issues (and software ignorance) seem petty by comparison. And they are.

    — Rick


    The menu at the top of the MyWP2 site is the primary menu and it is set to center

    Its alignment option can be found either in the legacy admin > Main options > Menus > primary menu Bar > Align menu > left

    Or in the customizer > Spacing Width Alignment > Menus > Align Primary Menu bar > Left

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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