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    I stumbled across this page:


    and was excited to see the page-head-code custom field.  Unfortunately, I wanted to use it on a post, and it did not work.  Should it have worked?  If not, is there an equivalent to add to the <HEAD> section of a single post view page?  I am running the Weaver Xtreme theme with the Weaver Theme Support Plugin…





    It turns out that this is an unnecessary limitation that has been present for a long time. Using the option page-head-code was supposed to work only for pages. Turns out it is fairly easy to modify Weaver’s code to allow that option to work even for posts when displayed on the single view. There may be other per-page (vs per-post) options that might work this way, too. It will never work for blog-like archive pages, just the single page view.

    I will look into this for other per-page options that might apply to post-single-view, and post a version for you to try on the download beta page soon.

    EDIT: Note: all the other “per-page” options described (i.e., injection areas) do work for per-post single view. It was just the page-head-code option that seemed to work only on actual pages. So the only fix was for the <head> options. I will make another post on this topic when the new version to test has been posted.



    Yes, this is for single view, it makes no sense for archive pages.  Getting this functionality in Weaver would allow me to delete a plugin that is currently providing it.  I am using it for <LINK REL=”NEXT”> and <“PREV”> on multi-part blog posts.  Not essential, but recommended by Google to help them crawl the content.

    Thanks Weaver!




    Finally got back around to this, and in the new 3.1.12 release of Weaver Xtreme, the custom field now works.  Thanks again Weaver!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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