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    Absolute Weaver

    After many many months in the review process, I am hopeful that the WP theme reviewers will finally approve Absolute Weaver.

    The download is found on this page: https://weavertheme.com/current-versions/

    Absolute Weaver is based on Weaver Xtreme, but is significantly simplified. The code base has been under extensive revision, and this new version is much faster.

    Some of the differences:

    • 100% upward compatible with Weaver Xtreme. Absolute Weaver designs will work with 100% compatibility on Weaver Xtreme. Weaver Xtreme settings will also work with Absolute Weaver, but only with Absolute Weaver‘s reduced option set.
    • Customizer Interface only. But it is faster!
    • The Customizer interface is very similar to Weaver Xtreme’s, but has been a bit re-organized for consistency and ease of use.
    • There is a new settings file format that the latest version of Weaver Xtreme can now read. Absolute Weaver can also read Weaver Xtreme settings files.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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