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    Hi Guys, me is Oliver and i am totally new to this Forum, so HI again!

    I just searched for Hours now….i made a Website in WordPress (wich is not my favurite, cause of the Problems with Plugins) ….and see….i have a Problem.
    I would like to have the Show Post Feature without showing the Title of the Post as a link….but plain TITLE.
    For better understanding the Site: http://eurofokus.at/en/investors/
    In the Investors section you will find the Posts….and the Permalinkstrukture of the Title doesnt work…so i would like to take the Link out, but leave the title.
    I can not find the correct line to take the link out…..i tried a lot….even in the Content-php of the Renden-Template…
    Anyone can help me out of this Horror?
    Best Regards
    Oliver (after Hours of trying different PHP and CSS Files)

    Can you explain what you mean by “the Permalinkstrukture of the Title doesnt work” as if this is the problem we should first try to understand if there is a fix for that.

    As far as the link in the post title, there is no option in the Show post plugin to do that. You can however use Hide Post title, and then add a title without link inside your post content.

    The Plugin does have a Custom WP_query option, but I don’t know if that could be used to remove the link from the Post title. @weaver would be best position to answer that one.


    Hi Scrambler, 

    thx for your Answer. 
    I meant, that the Permalinks doesn’t work correct. Sometimes they are working, sometimes not. I think there is a Problem with a Plugin. 
    But aside of that, i don’t need to have The Title of the Post as Link. With this Site, it is enough, if the Posts show up in that manner, like they do….but without being linked to the Single-Page.
    The problem with the Permalinks, i can manage later, cause its not nessesary for this Page.
    Thx for your Help!

    A….if i understand you the right way….than i have to dfisable the Title, and put it back as: atw-entry-title in the Custom Css?

    Ill try that, and will be back for Feedback.

    No , You hide the title, but you then have to recreate/add a Title in the actual Content of the post using and h1 or h2 tag.


    Hm…i think, there is another problem…

    if i use the hide-functions, nothing changes. The Template doesn’t react. Even if i use the default-filter, and apply the hide-options.
    But when i use the custom-css options on the “atw-entry-title a” with: display: none; -> that works, but than there is no title anymore. Even if i put “atw-entry-title” with some attributes in it.
    What could that be?
    And is there a attribute wich i could use at the custom-options to disable the link?

    Did you try using the option inside the Show Post filter > Define Post Display Filter Options > Post Display > Hide post title box.

    If that option is not working, then it may be a bad interaction with your theme or other plugin. You should try to deactivate all plugin to see if it makes a difference, and if it does reactivate them one by one to find the culprit.

    Now you can use display none to do the same thing, and YES this removes the title as this is the only way to get rid of the title link.

    This is why I said that once you have hidden the title, you need to add a new one manually at the beginning of your post content (in the post editing page content editor).


    ….hm…thats a sad thing to know.

    after i am that far with the Site (didn’t see the problem coming)…..it’s for a Customer, who doesn’t want to edit any h1 or other things. He only want to write the title and text without formatting anything.
    He means, that it is a Problem, that there is a link…and that is true, cause of the 404 Page wich is showing up…cause of the permalink Problem.
    And i also took out the entry-title a line from the atw-show-posts.css and php. Dosne’t change anything eather.
    really don’t know what to do with this. Sure i will try to disable the Plug ins. But i saw, that somethings are changed, after i activate them again, thats why i fear that. And i don’t have that much plug-ins.
    Thank you for your Time, Scrambler!

    What’s about this option? 

    Change this:

    <h 2><a -href=”<? /php the_permalink() ?/>” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link: <?/php the_title/(); ?>“><?/php the_title/(); ?></a></h2/>

    to this:

    <h2/></?/php the_title/(); ?></h2/>
     My problem is: in my theme i don’t find that Line….that shown way works at the twenty-twelve-Template.

    Can you imagine, in wich file it can be also???


    First you really need to figure out what screws up the permalinks, as this can cause a lot more trouble.

    I am assuming you have been to Settings > Permalink, and resaved them, as well as eventually try a different format and save.

    Beyond that you need to Deactivate all plugins to see if it makes a difference, and if it does reactivate them one by one to find the culprit.

    You could most likely edit the proper PHP template, but NEVER edit theme or plugin files, You must do that in a child theme, or all changes will be lost in the next update.

    I am not a PHP specialist, but I suspect you need to find the WP filter or function that builds the post title to change it there.
    May be @weaver can help to know what file needs to be changed so that Posts displayed with Weaver Show Posts do not have a link in their title.


    Ok, thank you. I will try this options tomorrow, than we will know more.

    Thanx a lot for your Time!


    I found it and did it!
    It was hidden in the atw-show-pots-sc under “includes” and there i could disable the “a” tags……works fine!
    Now i can look for the other Problem, that the Startpge is not perament….it switches by itself…but its a Static Page.

    I hope you made a Child theme 🙂

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