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    Is WP changing to the point where. Weaver Extreme is backing off?  Not a lot of recent discussions now. I like the old way but the new updates seem  worth at least trying out.





    I have no idea what you are trying to say 🙂

    You may want to elaborate …


    I recently started with WP and Weaver after a few year break. All the changes that I see now Block Editing etc. My question really is will Weaver adjust and update as these changes come down the pike?  Or would these changes require that you almost have to start over? Will this Theme become obsolete at some point? I don’t want that to happen but a lot of things happen that I don’t want.


    Is that any clearer?

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    None of the WordPress changes have ever required any user of Weaver to start over, so not sure what you are saying.

    Wordpress updates add new functionalities, like the block editor (that you can circumvent with the CLassic editor plugin), or  the Customizer which gives you a more WysiWyg interface, and Weaver has incorporated them in its updates so you can take advantage of them, while not being forced to use them.

    Now no one can predict the future, and sure there could come a time where WordPress wants to force something on themes that would break weaver. So far that has not happen, but who knows….



    See my new post regarding WP 5.8 and PHP compatibility. I am unable to duplicate the message you’ve reported here.

    If this error continues for you, we may have to get direct access to your website for additional testing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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