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    Hi There

    I noticed all my menu items had moved to the centre of the menu after i updated to 2.1.2, to cut a long story short, I’ve now managed to completely lose all my settings for the site, no biggie really, i was well overdue a revamp anyway, basically i have the latest versions of extreme and extreme plus running at the moment, you can see the menus look really odd,but if i take xtreme back a version the site looks more normal, in as much as it has a menu bar, has anyone else had any issues?




    I don’t see anything odd with the menu and it is not centered, so you need to elaborate on what exactly is different.

    I have not seen any issue upgrading on my side, make sure to clear caches at all levels.
    Note: you should not care about losing settings as you should always have a downloaded backup 🙂



    Heres a screenshot of 2.1.2

    and heres one of 2.1

    on 2.1 i have a menu bar, on 2.1.2 i have all the menu items stacked underneath each other, i can’t elaborate on the centered issue as I’ve deleted all my settings, and no i don’t have a backup, i see this as a new challenge rather than a stupid error! but it was like every menu item was overlaid over each other in the centre of the menu bar, but i guess thats irrelevant now, to add to this my sites email address was hacked so i also thought it was something to do with this, my isp assures me everything is ok now, I’ve gone back to weaver ii pro and that still looks fine, in fact it looks so good i might just convert it to extreme.




    Well the link you gave me shows the bottom correct version, so if you are not seeing that, then you definitely have a cache problem.

    Now if your link goes to the old version, we cant check what is going on with the new version



    The link now goes to 2.1.2, I’m not using any cache plugins at the moment, however i am running through cloudflare



    Your first screenshot is showing HTML with missing CSS files. This happens to me occasionally, and seems to be a browser cache issue.

    So, try:

    1. disable Cloudflare caching – put it into developement mode for a while.
    2. try a different browser
    3. rebooting your own local computer



    I’ve tried all 3 of those, the only thing that makes it look ok is if i go back to 2.1



    Again, for me

    Is fine on edge, FF and chrome, no problem with the menu.
    So if it is not for you, it is linked to your own machines / caches



    Hi Guys

    I installed comet cache, and now all is good, thank you for your patience..


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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