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    This is my first attempt at using the Weaver Posts/Sliders features and I am a very casual website administrator (2 sites).
    I managed to create my first slider – as a static gallery. I have three questions.
    1) How do I add a link to the image(s)? So, that clicking each image  links to the page on the website? 
    I can’t find a way to do it through the Media Library, Create Gallery feature or through the Slider plugin.
    I managed to add a link to the text using the Description Field in the Media Library (see below). 
    While I can live with this solution, I want to know how to also do the same thing (linking) for the images.
    2) I cannot get the slider to center on the page
    Under Advanced Options > General Slider Layout Slider Width is set to default (nothing in the box) and I checked the Position of slider if width specified to “Center”
    3) This is what I entered into the Description box in the Media Library to get the text the way I want it. I left the Caption and Alternative Text fields/boxes empty
    It seems to be working, but is it the “right way and coding” to use?
    <a href=”http://bareebo.org/water/biosand-filters/&#8221; target=”_blank”><center><p style=”font-size:20px”>Biosand Filters</p></center></a>

    <center>Biosand filters provide safe drinking water through the removal of bacteriological and viral contaminants.</center>




    I haven’t used SlimJP, but I maintain multiple websites that utilize a variety of slideshow and image plugins.
    Your slideshow width may be limited by two things other than the plugin’s limitations:

    First, it may be self-adjusting to the width of the photos.  If the photos are 900px wide, the plugin won’t show them at a width of 1200px, for example.

    Second, the slide show may be ‘trapped’ within the container.  If the slideshow is posted in your main content, and the main content area is 900px, again for example, it’ll be difficult to show a 1000px image at full width.  It can be done with some custom code, but I’ve had minimal luck with it.

    Here are the slideshow features I’m using:

    At the top of the main page I’m using “Huge IT Slider” within the container_top area provided by WeaverX theme, and making it full width with some custom code provided by scrambler, .home #container {padding:0;} .  The full page width is 1200px, and all of the images are 1200px wide.

    At the bottom of this page is a slideshow within the main content area created with the plugin Photo Gallery by WebDorado.  The slideshow width is adjustable and currently set to 1200px but it’s trapped within the content area that is 900px wide, which doesn’t matter because each image is only 900px wide anyway.

    On this page I wanted to do something to really feature the photos, so I used the same plugin as above, Photo Gallery by WebDorado, to create an “image browser” slideshow that isn’t constrained by any container.  Each photo is 1200px wide, and the slideshow width is set to 1200px.

    Here are the plugin links:
    HugeIT Slider.  I was able to do everything I needed with only the free version: 

    Photo Gallery.  There is a paid upgrade version available with more options and features, but the free version has a lot of functionality and is all I usehttps://wordpress.org/plugins/photo-gallery/

    I tried about a hundred different plug-ins looking for ones that worked as advertised and did what I needed before settling on these.  Hope this helps!


    I am a bit confused here – the post title was about Featured Images. I think we took that to mean that – Featured Images.

    @DaleB ‘s last post said nothing at all about Featured Images, which is partly what we were focused on. This particular issue was a bit down on my list because it was going to require a bit of time to see about removing the link from featured images, and I never got time to get to that.

    And 2 out of 3 of the other links were things you had done explicitly. You added an image with a link, and you checked the lightbox option, which is off by default.

    I’ve never seen @scrambler get upset like this before, but I do understand the frustration given that the question in the end did not have anything to do with Featured Images.

    Scrambler, I am updating you on the solution to the question I posted.

    To get my images to do nothing when I clicked on them I had to do three things.

    1: I had go to  / Appearance / Theme Options / Main Options / Header / Header image and un-check the box on the last item in the area that says “header image links to site”. If this box is checked and someone clicks on your header image they go to your homepage.

    2: On the same page in the “site title / tagline area” I had to remove the link from the image in the box titled “site logo/HTML”. The link came with the image when I cut and pasted the url from the gallery.

    3:I had to go to Weaver Post and Slider Options click on the [gallery]/Lightbox tab and at the very bottom of that section uncheck a little box that says “enable lightbox”.  If this box is checked when someone clicks on an image in your slider it will open the image in a black box. Every image in every slider.

    After doing those three things all 24 sliders that I have built on this theme were doing just what I wanted. Not changing pages when someone clicked on one of the images. I did not have to touch one slider. Just uncheck two boxes and remove a link in the theme settings. 

    Once I realized how simple the solution was, I was very unhappy  with the response I received in answer to my question.


    Dear Forumists,

    I use Weaver Xtrem Plus and created a slider with Weaver-Slider-Post to show it in the head as a banner. So I put the shortcode in the header-HTML-content and 
    it slides fine, but:

    How can I define a link to my Startpage? Whether the images itself nor the slider-post gives me any ‘link-to’ options.
    I’ve checkmarked – ‘Header Image Links to Site’ – from the themes main options in the header section, but with no result.
    Have I overlooked something, or is it impossible for now?

    can anybody help, please?

    With Kind Regards
    Herbert Heyduck

Viewing 5 results - 49 through 53 (of 53 total)