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    Hi Scrambler, Thanks a lot, you’ve made my day! This is exactly what I want and I’ve got it implemented according to your instructions. Really great!


    Thanks, you are right that my question did not match exactly what you see in the sample site.
    However I was not interested in the slide open menu, but indeed only the slider itself.
    Also thanks for having a further look on the text accross two images.


    What I see on that site does not quite match what you were asking.

    I see a slide open menu, that has been positioned above a slider.
    The slide open menu is quite elaborate and will not be easy to recreate. If you have Plus, you can probably approximate it with an extra accordion menu shortcode.
    Positioning it over the slider will be easy with Custom CSS once all is in place.

    In the slider itself, you have the images with text and link above them at the bottom (matches what I told you), and that text across two images at a time. This part may be tricky to do with a real text overlay, but I will have a look and let you know. The easy part would be to build the text in the image itself but would require image editing skills.

    But slider and menu are two different things, so you need to work on them separately one at a time then work on putting them on top of each other.


    Sorry this is the sample site : https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/


    Hi scrambler, thanks for this initial information which is very helpfull.
    For 2) I hereby sent you the link of a site (not made with WordPress) which shows you within the homepage what I want to achieve on my WordPress/Weaver Xtreme site.
    Hope you can help me out to address this.

    For 1) and 3) you just need to use a post slider by using Weaver Show posts  and Weaver Show Slider together.

    You can create each image as a Slider post, give all the slider posts the same group name.
    Compose each post with the proper HTML to have an image and your text on top.
    Base logic, is you insert the image in the post content, then add the text with a position absolute so it will  go over the image. You can make any part of that text a link.

    Then you create a filter with weaver show posts that selects your group of slider posts and define how they are to be displayed.
    Then you create a slider that uses that filter as its content source

    For 2) are you implying you will be creating a carousel  slider with several slides visible at a time?
    If so what is the logic of the text, Is it one fixed piece of text that is above the slider all the time, or are you saying that some slides will have a text that would extend over the next image? 
    We will need more info once the base slider is in place


    I would like to have the following in my slider :
    1) Transparent text which is place on top of each image of the slider
    2) Tranparent text which is accross several images of the slider
    3) A link on top of each image of the slider, so I can use the slider as a menu


    when you says it shows the wrong slider, do you mean the wrong images?
    If so

    If you go to the single post page  of the Slider post that holds the gallery, are the images shown in the gallery the proper ones (give us a link to that page)
    Also create a test page with just the slider based on the slider post above and give a us a link to that page too.

    And give us the links to the various images that are supposed to be used in the slider


    if the problem is that it is showing the wrong images, then something may have gotten mixed up when you moved the site.

    One way to clear things up would be to delete the images from the media library, re upload them from scratch, and recreate the slider.
    You can also try resaving the permalinks


    ok thanks, I did try those options but it didn’t take effect.
    Here are the options I’m using:

    Carousel multiple sliding items
    no paging
    show slider as images
    default filter
    post slug:rollem

    no nav buttons
    add links to images

    slider width 200%

    images from media library: Medium

    Minimum number of visible carousel items. (Default: 4)

      Maxmimum number of visible carousel items. (Default: 4)

    nothing else selected or changed from default apart from timing and random order.



    I found some documentation for the html insertion, but not the show_if shortcodes.  Can you please suggest any links or threads that go into step-by-step detail for both the html and show-if?

    Thanks, Joe.


    In Weaver Xtreme, Advanced Options->Head Section I am trying to save something like this:

    <link rel=”icon” type=”image/png” href=”/favicon/favicon-16×16.png?v=qAAQRRexyj” sizes=”16×16″>

    What is actually being saved is:
    <link rel=”icon” type=”image/png” href=”/favicon/favicon-16×16.png?v=qAAQRRexyj”>

    The sizes attribute is not being saved.  I’ve tried this both with and without quote marks, and in both the head and the advanced head sections.

    According to the HTML5 specification, where rel=”icon”, the sizes attribute should be available (https://www.w3.org/TR/html5/document-metadata.html#the-link-element).
    It would be helpful to be able to use other permutations of rel=”icon”, for example: <link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”/favicon/apple-touch-icon-57×57.png?v=qAAQRRexyj”>

    {edit} useful to have:
    <link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”/favicon/apple-touch-icon-57×57.png?v=qAAQRRexyj” sizes=”57×57″>

    {edit 2}

    Weaver Xtreme – Version 2.1.1
    Weaver Show Posts – Version 1.3.6
    Weaver Show Sliders – Version 1.4.3
    Weaver Xtreme Theme Support – Version 2.1.2

    {/edit 2}


    I found a thread from 2014 that was discussing this, and there was a solution using posts with permanent redirects set up through a plugin, and some other workaround that made my 5:00 brain whimper.

    That was 2 years ago.

    So… is there still no (reasonably straightforward) way to create a slider for a home page that has 5-6 images, each of which links to a specific page within the web site?

    You know – like a gazillion billion web sites do on a regular basis?


    The links you provided are for a gallery, and not [show_sliders], so I will have to guess what you really are asking.

    Weaver does not provide options for controlling layout of [gallery]. You can have [show_sliders] show the [gallery] as a slider as an alternative.

    So, I’m going to assume you want to know how to control the number of horizontal slides shown in a [show_sliders].

    First, that question makes sense only in the context of a Carousel slider. As usual, slider options are set on the “Weaver Posts & Slider Options” admin page.

    In the Advanced Options section there is a group of options for “Carousel Options”. These include Minimum and Maximum number of items. Depending on the width of the slider, the width of your images, and some other interactions, these values are the only option available to control number if images displayed in a carousel.



    1. Use the shortcodes [show_posts] or [show_slider name=]
    2. The featured images are links to the full sized images
    I didn’t find a way how the featured image could link to the post url and open the post if clicked.

    DOH! I’d forgotten that WP puts the full url when uploading media and that’s the URL of my local WAMP site. I’ve fixed that now and the links are now all /wp-content/uploads/2015/07/fotolia_81174632.jpg etc.
    However, I still only get ‘the continue reading’ on a mobile rather than the image… when i click it it shows the photo now, so that is not the issue..

Viewing 16 results - 33 through 48 (of 53 total)